Teaching and Research

Natural Science Research


   Adhering to the scientific research guideline of more academic achievements, more talents and more benefits, the University actively conducts scientific research and technological development and has a solid research foundation in machinery, vehicle engineering, agricultural machinery, electrical engineering, material engineering, chemical engineering, life sciences and other fields.

   In the University, there are 2 national research institutions (the National Research Center of Engineering Technology for Industrial Ceramics, and the Research Center of Preparation Technology on Engineering Ceramics which is co-built by the state and local governments), and 9 provincial key disciplines (mechanical electronic engineering, vehicle engineering, power electronics and power transmission, agricultural machinery engineering, mechanical design & theory, applied chemistry, traffic information engineering and control , biochemistry & molecular biology, applied mathematics). SDUT has 2 provincial key laboratories (precision mold & special material processing laboratory, dry farming machinery and information laboratory), 4 provincial university key laboratories (precision mold, structure analysis & dynamics, advanced composite materials, and precision engineering survey) , and 14 provincial engineering technology research centers (clean energy, ceramics matrix composites ,biology information, textile chemistry & dyeing & finishing, digital design & manufacturing, vehicle engineering, high-voltage power grid transient protection, road intelligent control & safe transportation, mine tailings resource disposal, optical fiber communication detection, basic geospatial information, modern metal forming, distributed power integration,  and sports training apparatus).

   Since 2003, the University has witnessed its rapid progress in scientific research, featuring the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), the sub-program of the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), and over 20 science supporting projects, such as “Biomass Pyrolysis Technology for Liquids Production”, “Product Reverse Design and Manufacture System Based on the Triangular Surface Modeling Technology”, “Hollow Fiber Ceramic Membrane Air Separation Oxygen Generation System”, “Corn Harvest Mechanization Technology Research and Demonstration”, “Agricultural Products Cold Extrusion Processing, Mechanical Equipment and its Application Achievements”.  

   The University has also undertaken more than 200 programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and more than 600 provincial or ministerial programs.

   SDUT takes an active role in cooperating with local governments, institutions and enterprises to solve lots of technological problems and serve local economic development.  The University has won 2 second prizes of National Award for Technological Invention and 5 second prizes of National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, as well as more than 500 prizes of other levels.



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