SDUT’s 60th Anniversary Gala


  On May 26, SDUT held a grand gala to celebrate its 60th anniversary at its Arts Center. Along with blooming flowers and green grass, this May brought SDUT its 60th birthday. For 60 years, the glory of SDUT has been endured through its arduous efforts and fruitful achievements.

  President Lv Chuanyi delivered an opening speech. He looked back on the school’s 60-year history of innovation and development, summarized the achievements, expressing his gratefulness to all the people supporting the school and expectations on its bright future.

  The alumni representative Cheng Guanghui, Chairman of Hualu Investment Holding Co., Ltd., affectionately recalled the all-around cultivation and profound influence of SDUT. On behalf of the international sister-ship schools, Michael Hannant, Vice President and Provost of Edinboro University, spoke highly of SDUT’s achievements and expected a closer connection, a long-term friendship and mutual developments in the future. Wanghao, Secretary of Municipal Committee and the Director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Zibo City, said, “SDUT, as one of the significant symbol in Zibo, has always been contributing to the reform and development of Zibo for years.” Meanwhile, Zibo municipal government will give full support to build SDUT into a first-class university in China.

  The gala moderator Du Guangzhen, Secretary of the Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), said, “SDUT is devoted to building up a distinctive, high-level and well-known teaching and research oriented university and making new contributions to boost the economic and social development by sparing no efforts in promoting talents cultivation, scientific research, community service, cultural inheritance and innovation.”

  With the theme of “Go after Your Dream at SDUT”, the gala presented various performances, including musical, dramatic, reciting and choreographic works.

  (Translated by Sun Jiawei, Li Yuechang and Zhao Ying; Revised by Ye Xiang)


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