Wang Hao, Party Secretary of Zibo Municipal Government, Came to Investigate in SDUT


At the afternoon of August 5th, Mr. Wang Hao, Party Secretary of Zibo Municipal Party Committee and director of the Zibo Municipal People’s Congress of Zibo, Mr. Shang Longjiang, secretary general of the Zobo Municipal Party Committee, and Mr. Yang Hongtao and Ms. Zhang Qingying, deputy mayors, came to SDUT to investigate and survey the development of the university-city amalgamation.

Prof. Du Guangzhen, the Party Secretary of SDUT, and Dr. Lyu Chuanyi, the President, greeted them and conducted an informal discussion in the reception room on the 8th floor of the Hongyuan administration building.

Dr. Lyu Chuanyi introduced recent progress in SDUT “double first-class” development, cooperation selection, innovation and entrepreneurship, the cooperation projects with City districts and counties in Zibo. He also expressed his firm confidence in the future cooperation with Zibo City.

The participants has discussed extensively about some issues including the development of first-Class universities, introducing and utilizing of talents, platform construction, Qi culture studies and the development of Zibo as a famous cultural city. Some suggestions and construction in the field of integration were proposed. Both the City and the School have reached their agreement in the further cooperation.

Mr. Wang Hao gave full affirmation for the periodical achievements of the university-city amalgamation programs. He hoped that the school could strengthen its ties with the relevant departments in each district and county, the communication between Zibo and SDUT should be more comprehensive and the cooperative potential be explored more and better. He also expressed his wishes to strengthen resources sharing, take more advantages in the construction of “industrial Zibo, cultural Zibo and ecological Zibo”, promote the development of economy and society, and achieve a win-win situation between the university and the city. 

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