SDUT Summer Seminar was held to discuss the school administration in the new semester


From August 25th to 26th, SDUT held the summer seminar at the meeting room in XingYuan Hotel. The seminar was to study the situation of higher-education development, focus on the SDUT key projects and explore suggestions and measures in the fields of educating and teaching, scientific research, social service, the construction of talent teams, ideological and political construction of the Party affairs. In addition, the seminar has deployed relevant sources and prepared for the new semester and ensure to implement the decision in various fields.

The school leaders, Du Guangzhen, Lyu Chuanyi, Yi Yuchen, Du Ruicheng, Zou Guangde, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun all attended the seminar. The participants also included the deputy or higher level cadres, directors and deputy directors of different SDUT professor committees.

The seminar had invited Mr. Ma Luting, the researcher of the Research Center of Education Development of the Ministry of Education (National-level) and the director of Higher Education Section, to deliver a report entitled as “Reform and Development of Universities in the Period of Strategic Opportunity”. Information was exchanged from different aspects among 6 schools, i.e., the School of Computer Science and Technology, the School of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Agricultural Engineering and Food Science, and the School of Architecture and Engineering. School leaders, Yi Yuchen, Du Ruicheng, Zou Guangde, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, gave reports in their duties and expressed their hopes and expectations in the new semester.

The president, Dr. Lyu Chuanyi, retrospected briefly the work in the summer vacation. He emphasized 5 points about the key projects in the new semester: Firstly, the talents work should be strengthened. Secondly, the educating and teaching reform should be carried forward. Thirdly, the scientific research should be reinforced. Fourthly, the construction of advantaged and characteristic disciplines should be accelerated. Fifthly, students’ affairs should be improved solidly.

Finally Du Guangzhen, Party secretary of the school, summarized the seminar and put further emphasis on improving the quality of education, enriching the connotation of education and carrying on the basic task of cultivating students with noble values in the school development. 

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