SDUT Provided Orientation Training for the New Teachers


“As an honorable teacher, I solemnly swear as follows: I will devote myself to the cause of education, love my country and bid the law, esteem education and respect students, impart knowledge and cultivate talents, take scholarship rigorously...’ On September 9th, 2016, SDUT held the opening ceremony of orientation training for new teachers in the Lecture Hall on the first floor in Hongyuan Administration Building. 62 new teachers with Doctor’s degree and Master’s degree did take their solemn oaths as the above.

Vice President, Ms. Liu Guohua, on the behalf of the University, expressed warm welcome and ardent expectations to the new recruits. The heads of Science and Technology Department and Social Sciences Department introduced their departmental functions and scientific research policies. The head of the personnel office introduced the personnel policies and regulations. In the end, the new teachers visited the School History Museum.

In the following program, the university would carry out different educational training programs in related fields in 3 phases. 

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