SDUT Held a Grand Ceremony to Welcome its 9800 New Students


SDUT held a grand opening ceremony for its 9800 plus newly enrolled students on September 5th, 2016. The ceremony started with the majestic national anthem.

On the behalf of all the staff and students, the President, Dr. Lyu Chuanyi, welcomed warmly the freshmen of 2016. After looking back to the university’s brilliant achievements during the past 60 years, the president employed living examples of senior students to illustrate how to live a colorful university life. In his speech, he eagerly hope that each newcomer should set up his new targets, improve his self-constraint, learn to be responsible and master some useful skills, build a healthy body, face new challenges with enthusiasm, create a bright future with  intelligence, and mold its brilliant life with efforts. Finally, Dr. Lyu said that the newcomers could write their own wonderful college stories and live a gorgeous life without regrets.

The representatives from teachers, internal students, freshmen and overseas students gave their speeches respectively.

At the end, all the newcomers solemnly swore as follows: I will bear in mind the historical mission, set lofty goals, practice the school motto of “great kindness, wide erudition, sincere behavior, supreme goodness”, learn to be civilized, honest and innovative, learn to be diligent in practice, learn to abide the laws, learn to cooperative and cherish friendship. I will study hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The ceremony ended with the passionate university song “You Accompany Me”.

In 2016, SDUT enrolled 8,984 undergraduates, 626 full-time postgraduate students, 294 on-the-job postgraduate students, 18 doctoral students, 5 overseas doctoral students and 227 other overseas students. 

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