ESI-based Disciplines Promotion Seminar Held in SDUT


Dr. Wang Shuo, the analyst and trainer from Clarivate Analytics, was invited to deliver a speech on the ESI (Essential Science Indicators)-based disciplines promotion in the SDUT’s academic seminar on October 24th afternoon.

After the brief introduction of the ESI-based disciplines, Dr. Wang analyzed SDUT’s general situation according to the ESI database, comparing it with the other universities and colleges in Shandong Province. With the case study, he suggested some specific methods to improve the impact of SDUT’s disciplines, including how to promote the research cooperation between home and abroad, as well as how to increase the acceptance by journals for publication and the quoting rate of thesis.

Vice President Zou Guangde presided over the seminar. He stressed that ESI, as a key indicator to evaluate the levels of universities and their disciplines, with its intrinsic principle of ranking, had great value on SDUT’s discipline development and academic research. As he required, all the departments, schools, professors and faculty with Ph.D. degrees should study the ESI seriouslypaying attention to the new research areas and directions, and making plans for the future research development, thus, gradually expanding the impact of academic theses. And the talents introduction should also be targeted on the discipline development.

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