Lv Chuanyi Visits the Dept. of Sci. & Tech. of Shandong for Link-up Work


Lvchuan Yi, Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee, and the Vice Presidents Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, and Wei Xiuting visited the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province for the cooperation and link-up work on September 28thmorning. They were warmly received by Liu Weimin,Director of the Department of Science and Technology,and Yu Shuliang, Deputy Director of this Department. Both parties exchanged views on the in-depth cooperation in science and technology.

Lv Chuanyi introduced the general situation of SDUT’s scientific innovation, debriefing the progress in the integrated development between SDUT and Zibo City and the development of SDUT’s superior disciplines. Liu Weimin fully affirmed SDUT’s work in recent years, particularly the progressin the scientific innovation. He said that after years of construction and development, SDUT hadgot the fairly high strength and distinct features in the scientific innovation. And the Department of Science and Technology would give SDUT the full support in building up into a dual first-class school.

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