Guests from Poland Kozminski University Visit SDUT


Professor Robert Rizadeckard, Vice President for the Research and Department Development of Kozminski University in Poland, Mr. Marcin Michael, Chief of International Projects, and other three guests in charge of the Poland-Sino Education Funds visited our school on October 13th. They were received by Yi Weiming, Vice President of SDUT.

During the talks, both parties introduced their disciplines setup and superior fields, expressing satisfaction on the preliminary groundwork in applying for the collaborative education project in finance for undergraduates. Both sides wished to make progress in the application by collaborative efforts and cooperation in accordance with the national policies concerned.  Meanwhile, apart from the exchanges through the above-mentioned education project, with discussion the two parties agreed to conduct more teacher exchanges and the research cooperation on specific projects in which both were interested.

In the afternoon, the visitors went to the Business School of SDUT for formal talks and link-up work on the teacher exchanges, the research cooperation, the student exchanges, and the collaborative training for Master’s degree and MBA candidates. 

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