Kazakhstan’s Guests visit SDUT


Mr. Solanbayev·Yalali, Chairman of SHEBERBUILD Co., Kazakhstan, and his party visitedSDUT and were received by Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee on October 18th.

Lvchuan Yi said that withChina’s One Belt and One Road national strategy, SDUT took an active role in seeking the opportunities for cooperation with the countries along the One Belt and One Road.Mr. Yalali said that Kazakhstan was in urgent need of talents majoring in electrical automation, mechanical engineering, and architectural engineering which had been set up in SDUT, so the two sides could strengthen the cooperation in this regard.

During the visit, Mr. Yalali and his party also visited the campus, student apartments and the School of International Education. Theywere deeply impressed by the beautiful scenery.

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