SDUT's National Key Research Project of "the Potato Staple"


Recently, Chinese Rural Technology Development Center held the Kick-off conference for 13th Five-Year National Development Plan for Potato Staple Processing Key Technology and Equipment Research and Demonstration.

Prof. Wang Xiangyou from SDUT attended the conference as the head of the project of Technology Upgrading and Equipment Research and Development for Potato Staple together with Prof. Li Hongjun and associate Prof. Zhu Jiying, heads of sub-projects of Research on the Processing Technology of Potato Fermentation Staple of New Products (Steamed Buns)  and the New Product Testing and Evaluation System of Potato Staple respectively. The key R & D project is led by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences and its implementation period is 5 years long (July, 2016 to Dec. 2020) with the total funding of 80.6 million RMB Yuan.

It is reported that the project will be closely related with the national strategy for potato staple food, tackles issues like potato storage loss and low value-added postpartum, high cost and less variety of potato staple food products, the lack of core technology and complete sets of backward and poor storage and processing equipment, focuses on a series of key technologies and processing of potato storage reduction and on-site processing, flour processing, cutting, shearing, and crushing, and its high quality drying, fast fermentation of potato staple food processing, and texture model-forming, develops new products of potato staple, innovates the core equipment and integrated demonstration, and achieves the upgrading technology of potato industry chain.

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