Prof. Song Yuanda was Elected as One of the Leading Talents for Taishan Industry


Recently, the Shandong Provincial People's Government Office issued the Notice on the Published List of Leading Talents for Taishan Industry (Luzhengbanzi 2016: No. 190), in which Prof. Song Yuanda in SDUT was approved as one of the leading talents for Taishan industry by Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Shandong Provincial Government. Prof. Song Yuanda has been elected as the first leading expert in the field of highly efficient Eco-agricultural innovation, and he is the only one in the University to be the leading talent for Taishan industry. As a joint application unit, SDUT also recommended Prof. Li Hongwen, the Distinguished Professor as the candidate for the project.

Prof. and Dr. Song Yuanda serves as one of the distinguished professors and doctoral supervisors, works as the head of biochemical experts in National Green Food Specialized Committee, and one of the editors' committee for Journal of Biological Research (an international academic journal, HK, ISSN 2225-3203), and American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (ISSN 1553-3468) , owns a membership of American Oil Chemist's Society of America, and a membership of Chinese Nutrition Association (M102214817M).

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