The 3rd award ceremony for the Most Touching Students on Campus kicked off


Ordinary people can become role models, moving others and exerting cohesive force. The SDUT 3rd award ceremony for the Most Touching Students on Campus was kicked off at the College Students Arts Center on the evening of December 22th. Hu Xingyu, Deputy Secretary of the SDUT’s Party Committee and the member of the SDUT’s Party Standing Committee, Wei Xiuting, Vice President of SDUT, and chiefs of the relevant functional departments attended the ceremony, giving awards to the most touching students on campus. More than a thousand teachers and students joined the event.

As a prologue, a video clip led the audience to reviewing the history of the Most Touching Students on Campus, opening up the award ceremony. 10 most touching students came onto the stage one by one to receive the award. Here is their introduction. Undergoing great failures,  Bai Chuanhao still sticks to his entrepreneurial dream; with his right half of the body degradation, Cao Shuxin determines to write the gorgeous chapter of his life; guarding the parents day and night, Su Xianqiang transmits his endless energy in silence; suffering from the type 1 diabetes, Wang Yinping treats the literature as a spiritual insulin with smiles and dreams; measuring the journey of life with a crutch, Wei Xiaolu always keeps optimistic; with lines of programming codes, the ACM team outlines the value of life; serving local people in the snow-covered plateau on foot, Gesang dedicates his youth to Tibet; leaving fragrance over every inch of land, the “Sunflower team gets abundant happiness; playing firmly as a team, the women’s basketball team of SDUT gets stronger and stronger; shouldering the burden of life in the entrepreneurship, with his hands for the mother to carry a day of Wang Hongxiang acknowledged great gratitude to his mother. At the same time, the organizing committee of the event awarded Song Yan Qiaoto a special award for his heroic deeds in fighting against a criminal to save the people. Self-motivated, optimistic and strong, all the 10 awarded students displayed the true meaning of the youth model with their own deeds which deeply infected and inspired the audience, proving that Mr. Nobody can also be influential.

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