SDUT’s leaders Zhang Tiezhu and Liu Guohua visit alumni in Qingdao


President Zhang Tiezhu, Vice President Liu Guohua and their entourage visited alumni in Qingdao and attended the 10th anniversary of the SDUT’s Alumni Association Qingdao Chapter on December 25th.

Celebrations were kicked off in the SDUT’s song “You Accompany Me”. All the participants watched the SDUT’s 60th anniversary celebration film. Zhang Tiezhu delivered a warm speech, recalling the unforgettable study time at SDUT with the alumni, cherishing the precious friendship, and looking forward to a brighter future.

Fan Yuejin, Honorary President of SDUT’s Alumni Association, Party Secretary and President of Qingdao University, affectionately recalled his unforgettable work experience at Shandong University of Technology, focusing on the difficult time when different institutions were merged into SDUT and the 10-year construction of the west campus of SDUT.

Zhao Sisong, Vice President of the SDUT’s Alumni Association Qingdao Chapter, on behalf of the Chapter, delivered a work report on the work of the 3rd session of the Qingdao Chapter.

The chief of the Alumni Friendship Office and nearly 200 alumni representatives working or studying in Qingdao, and some invited guests participated in the event.

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