The second session of the third conference (enlarged) of the SDUT’s Party Committee convened


SDUT held the second session of the third conference (enlarged) of the SDUT’s Party Committee from February 24th to 25th, summing up the work of 2016, analyzing the current situation, opportunities and challenges of SDUT, as well as discussing the reform for SDUT’s science and research system, the reform for eliminating the administrative levels in SDUT’s subordinate school. And the participants also exchanged views on further carrying out the talent priority strategy and putting into practice the spirit of the SDUT’s Third Party Congress and the completion of objectives and tasks of the 13th Five-Year Plan”, and the arrangements for deploying work of 2017.  

On behalf of the Standing Committee of the SDUT’s Party Committee, Zhang Tiezhu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, reported on the SDUT’s work in 2016, and arranged the deployment of work in 2017.  

Zhang Tiezhu summed up the work of the school from three aspects: First, grasp the development trend, strengthen the top design, and depict a blueprint for the SDUT’s future development; second, improve the quality in an all-around way, highlight the key tasks, and pay close attention to the implementation of the work, in order to achieve remarkable results in the discipline building, the talent team building, and serving the community; third, highlight the ideological leadership, strengthen the “Four Kinds of Awareness, and enhance the Party building. At the same time, he also pointed out that SDUT needs to improve the work in the following aspects, including the modern university system, the new concept of talent training, teachers’ internal motivation to development, academic advantages and features of each discipline, the original innovation ability, awareness and ability of getting access to social resources, and building an internationally oriented school.

As for the work in 2017, he stressed the following points.

First, we shall adhere to the faculty team building as a primary project, vigorously implementing the talent priority strategy. Second, we shall stick to the discipline building, putting scientific research in a more prominent position and making efforts to promote the “Double First-level construction. Third, we shall further deepen the reform of education and teaching, comprehensively improving the quality of applied talents. Fourth, we shall further promote the comprehensive reform, stimulating a strong and dynamic power for development. Five, we shall deepen the strategic cooperation, vigorously promoting education in an open manner. Six, we shall follow the internationally oriented course of development, enhancing the international level of education. Seven, we shall strengthen the service and logistic system, firmly safeguarding the development of the school. Eight, we shall put into practice the political responsibilities of running the Party rigorously, strengthening the Party building in a comprehensive way.

Party Secretary Lv Chuanyi made a speech, pointing out that 2016 is a year for Shandong University of Technology to nail down its top design. The University set 2017 as the year of implementation  in detail, which required all the Communist Party members, the cadres, teachers and students to carry forward the “spirit of nails”, insisting on drawing a correct blueprint till the end. As soon as the work was put in hand, , it needs to be well done with a good result.

To implement the work of 2017 in detail, he proposed the following points. First, set the goal high and clear.   Second, take the initiative to claim tasks with courage. Third, split up tasks and assign them to individuals. Fourth, strengthen coordination with a skillful arrangement of position filling. Fifth, strengthen the investigation with strict supervision.

On strengthening the Party building, Lv Chuanyi proposed several points. First, strengthen the ideological construction. Second, strengthen the building of cadres. Third,  promote the anti-corruption building.

On behalf of the SDUT’s Party Committee and the administrative staff, Lv Chuanyi and Zhang Tiezhu, signed the agreements of the annual objectives  and duties with the representatives from the departments and the subordinate schools at the meeting. 

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