The third session of the third Faculty and Staff Congress convened successfully


As the spring rotates back to the earth, all are animated. The third session of the third Faculty and Staff Congress was held at the auditorium of Teaching Building 3 on March 11th.

School leaders Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Tiezhou, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Liping, Wei Xiuting, Zhaoyu Xi, Yi Weiming attended the meeting. There were nearly 300 official, non-voting and invited delegates for the meeting.

Party Secretary Lv Chuanyi presided over the preparatory and the opening meetings.

He pointed out that the University set 2017 as the year of implementation in detail, so we shall put emphasis on this Faculty and Staff Congress, which was significant in further clarifying the goals, tasks and key initiatives in 2017, arousing  the enthusiasm and initiative of the faculty and staff, further deepening the comprehensive reform, and speeding up the intensive development. He hoped that all the delegates should bear the awareness of sharing the same goal with the initiative spirit as well as a high sense of responsibility and mission, seriously fulfilling the duties of delegates to actively offer advice and suggestions, and conducting the in-depth discussion on SDUT’s work report and other documents for a better plan of SDUT’s goals and tasks.

Hope that all faculty and staff to the convening of this meeting as an opportunity to unify the ideological understanding of the school decision-making deployment, focus on the target, boost the spirit, work hard, and strive to the spirit of the meeting, the development of blueprint into the development of specific Initiatives and practical actions, do a good job throughout the year to do a good job, for the smooth realization of a spirit and a plan to determine the objectives and tasks to lay a solid foundation. He also pointed out that all the faculty and staff should take the Congress  as an opportunity to determine all goals and tasks concerned, making preparation for “A Spirit” and “A Plan”.

On behalf of the administrative staff, Zhang Tiezhu, Deputy Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee and President, made a work report, titled Go All out to Turn SDUT into a High-level and Well-known Teaching & Research-oriented University in China. The report is divided into three parts: the reviews on SDUT’s work in 2016, the overall requirements of the 2017 work and the main indicators, and the important tasks in 2017.

The work report comprehensively reviewed the achievements in the various undertakings of SDUT in 2016: the development of SDUT has been scientifically planned; the building of disciplines and majors has come up to a new stage; the quality of application-oriented talents training has been improved steadily; there is new progress in scientific research and social services; there are remarkable results in the student education management services; ideological and cultural construction has been enhanced in an all-round way; the availability of support for management services has been improved; the Party building has been fully strengthened; the livelihood projects continue to advance. While fully affirming the achievements, the report also points out some shortcomings in the development of the University.

As the work report pointed out, 2017 witnesses seven key aspects of the work: First, we shall adhere to the faculty team building as a primary project, vigorously implementing the talent priority strategy.   Second, we shall stick to the discipline building, putting scientific research in a more prominent position and making efforts to promote the “Double First-class construction. Third, we shall further deepen the reform of education and teaching, comprehensively improving the quality of applied talents. Fourth, we shall strengthen the educational management services to promote students'’ growth and turn them into talents. Five, we shall deepen the strategic cooperation, vigorously promoting education in an open manner.  Six, we shall improve the conditions of education, firmly safeguarding the rapid development of the school. Seven, we shall put into practice the political responsibilities of running the Party rigorously, strengthening the Party building in a comprehensive and continuous way.  

The closing ceremony was presided over by Hu Xingyu, Deputy Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee.

Du Jize, Deputy Director of the Working Committee of Proposals, made a work report of proposals, informing the implementation of the proposals submitted to the second session of the third Faculty and Staff Congress, and the collection of the proposal for this session.

After voting, the Congress passed the resolutions on the work report of SDUT, the working regulations of the Working Committee of Proposals under the Congress, the rules of submitting proposals to the Congress, and the regulations of the Faculty and Staff Congress (secondary-level).

Hu Xingyu made a request to implement the spirit of the meeting.

With the agenda successfully completed, the third session of the Faculty and Staff Congress of SDUT came to an end.  

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