SDUT Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shandong Wuzheng Group


On April 18, SDUT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Wuzheng Group, for further communication and cooperation in the fields of research projects, enterprise tech-innovation, academic exchanges and personnel training, under the joint signature of Lv Chuanyi (Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee) and Jiang Weidong (President of the Group). Political heavyweights of Rizhao City, altogether with the section chiefs concerned in the two parties, attended the signing ceremony.

In his welcome address, Zhu Guiyou, Chief Executive of Wulian County of Rizhao City, extended a warm welcome to representatives from SDUT, congratulating on the signed agreement. Wuzheng Group as a backbone enterprise in Chinese manufacture industry and leading enterprise in Rizhao City, said Zhu, have brought about fruitful results in long-term cooperation with SDUT. And also, he hoped that both sides would cooperate even more closely in new fields for greater development.

Jiang Weidong reviewed the longstanding cooperation between the Group and SDUT, speaking highly of the contribution SDUT has made for the development of the Group. Jiang said that both sides aimed for deep integration based on existing cooperation by signing this agreement. And Wuzheng Group would actively cooperate with SDUT by relying on the results of SDUT’s R&D teams, Jiang continued, to enhance its R&D capability and core competitiveness.

Lv Chuanyi pointed out that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the aim of university disciplinary construction was to promote collaborative innovation in science and technology especially in the fields of modern agricultural equipment and new energy vehicle. Lv further stated that the Group is a key backbone manufacture enterprise with cars, agricultural vehicles and equipment as its principle industry. Then he predicted that it couldn’t be better than the cooperation between SDUT’s strong disciplines and the Group’s strong industry in accordance with development needs of both sides. Given their willingness to serve our country and society, as he hoped, SDUT and Wuzheng Group could set a successful example for future cooperation between universities and enterprises.

With regard to precise integration, Lv Chuanyi offered four suggestions as follows:

To begin with, drawing on SDUT’s existing resources and integrating its scientific research resources, both sides work together to build Wuzheng research institute, thereby providing Wuzheng Group with accurate service.

Secondly, we shall enhance personnel exchanges by hiring qualified, high-level personnel of the other side into the homologous work post, thus sharing human resources.

Thirdly, both sides make full use of platforms, including, among others, graduate workstation and post-bachelor workstation, so as to store human resources for the Group.

Lastly, SDUT teaching staff provides personnel trainings for the Group.

Cooperation between SDUT and the Group has a history of nearly 20 years. Both sides will attempt at broader and deeper cooperation especially in the fields of platform construction, personnel exchanges and research collaboration to meet the development needs of science, technology, personnel trainings and University-Enterprise cooperation under the new circumstance. For example, both sides will co-build Wuzheng Research Institute of Shandong University of Technology inside SDUT, SDUT appointing its high-level staff as the head of the institute and Wuzheng Group hiring qualified teachers as top managers and heads of technology sectors; in this way, we manage to share human resources. And also, we would like to see closer, broader and deeper cooperation between SDUT and Wuzheng Group in many fields, including, among others, those of scientific research and personnel training.

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