SDUT Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with SHINVA


On the afternoon of July 3, SDUT held a ceremony to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with SHINVA. It was mutually agreed that within 5 years, duration of the agreement, SDUT and SHINVA cooperate in a deep and strategic manner, building innovative practice bases for post-doctoral research and “Xinhua platform for innovation of health and industry,” deepening cooperation on R&D of new products, establishing links between SHINVA industrial bases and SDUT incubation projects and exploring mechanism of personnel training.

SDUT president Zhang Tiezhu, Zhao Yixin (the Board Director of SHINVA) and Cui Hongtao (SHINVA general manager in charge of health affairs), together with the section chiefs concerned of both sides, attended the signing ceremony. Zhang Tiezhu and Zhao Yixin inaugurated the “Xinhua platform for innovation of health and industry”. SDUT vice president Wei Xiuting, , and SHINVA president Xu Shangfeng signed the agreement.

 Besides, In his address, Zhang Tiezhu briefly introduced the overall situation of SDUT and the achievements SDUT has made in implementing the strategies of “prioritizing and internationalizing human resources” and promoting province-funded construction and common development of Zibo City and SDUT. Then Zhang claimed that SDUT had long shouldered the responsibility of boosting local economic and social development, signing strategic cooperation agreements with enterprises and institutes inside and outside Shangdong in an attempt to promote industry-academia-research collaboration; it had yielded many encouraging results. He continued that SDUT advocated innovation and entrepreneurship among its students, finding a way of jointly developing innovation education and entrepreneurship education. The signing of the agreement, as Zhang argued, would contribute to personnel training, scientific research, local development and innovation & entrepreneurship. Lastly, Zhang summarized that SDUT and SHINVA would take this opportunity to work together to build platforms of scientific research, so as to promote development of both sides and of industry-academia-research, and to contribute to economic and social development as a result.

Zhao Yixin pointed out that long-term cooperation between SDUT and SHINVA is an essential part of common development of the city and the university. Zhao also said that the agreement has opened a new chapter of working together for sustainable development, which would enhance R&D capability of SHINVA, optimizing product structure, help the enterprise train personnel and thus bring the enterprise much of development. She indicated that SHINVA would further cooperate with SDUT in a deeper, broader and stronger manner, providing support for deepening and consolidating future cooperation.

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