SDUT Party Committee Center Group of Theoretic Learning organizes group study


On the morning of August 14, SDUT Party Committee Center Group of Theoretic Learning (PCCGTL) organized group study, learning and discussing the address given by Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping in the province-leadership seminar themed at “Following the Instructions in the Address by Xi Jinping and Looking into the 19th CPC National Congress” on July 26. During the group study, the arrangements are drawn up to better learn and carry out the instructions in Xi’s address. Lv Chuanyi, SDUT Secretary of the Party Committee, chaired the group study. School learders who came to study included Zhang Tiezhu, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, Wei Xiuting, Zha Yuxi and members of SDUT Committee of Party and of Discipline Inspection.

In the meeting, SDUT Deputy Secretary of CPC Hu Xingyu piloted others through the press release entitled “Working for the undertaking of an overall well-off society” by Xinhua News Agency and commentary articles by People’s Daily on the address by Xi Jinping on July 26.

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