Meeting of University-City Integrated Development Held at SDUT


On the morning of September 7, the meeting of university-city integrated development was held at SDUT. Those who attended the meeting include Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee, Zhang Tiezhu and Wei Xiuting, SDUT’s presidents, Yang Hongtao, member of Zibo Municipal Standing Committee and Deputy Mayer, Tan Xiuzhong, Deputy Secretary-General of Zibo City, Yu Xiudong, Secretary for Science and Technology and the section chiefs concerned; they discussed working plans. Yang Hongtao chaired the meeting. And Tan Xiuzhong transmitted the main content of the symposium of University-City Integrated Development recently held in Zibo City.

Since SDUT signed the “Framework Agreement for the Integrated Development Between School and City” with Zibo City last year, both sides have fully cooperate and have made remarkable progress in each field, as could be seen in the address given by Zhang Tiezhu, Lv Chuanyi and Yang Hongtao.

Zhang Tiezhu elaborated the overall situation of university-city integrated development in terms of establishing ties with districts and counties, integrating scientific research with industry, building personnel teams, constructing cultural cities, developing innovation and entrepreneurship, carrying out international cooperation and exchange and providing comprehensive service for Zibo City. Focused on deepening university-city integrated development, Zhang suggested constructing platforms such as Shangdong Institute of Industry and Technology of New Materials, Institute of New Energy Vehicle, Central Shangdong Institute of High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Institute of Qi Culture and Zibo Development Institute. He also suggested constructing Qichuang Mansion, providing suitable environment and policy support for sharing human resources, setting up sharing platform of large-scale instrument, integrating international resources of both sides and strengthening communication and cooperation of “one road-and belt initiative”. Then Zhang specified details that need discussing.

Lv Chuanyi, in his address, pointed out that the initiative of university-city integrated development was good for Zibo City and SDUT and that it has proven that the initiative is wise, showing realistic and sensible working attitude of Zibo Party Committee and Government and boosting confidence and determination of working together to promote university-city integrated development and innovative development. He then analyzed that situated in Zibo City with rich human resources, SDUT should shoulder the responsibility of serving as a driving force of economic and social development. Lv continued that SDUT has implemented the strategy of “human resources priority,” agreed to prioritize faculty construction, inviting more high-profile personnel with Ph.D degrees to work at SDUT and raised awareness to serve as “power source, booster and think tank” of the development of Zibo City in a deeper, broader and greater way. At last, he promised that supported by Zibo Party Committee and Government, SDUT would promote university-city integrated development and contribute to the economic and social development of Zibo City.

All people at the meeting extensively exchanged ideas about and made many inspiring suggestions on industry transforming and upgrading, sharing human resources, co-constructing innovation platforms, linking service platforms, constructing a famous cultural city, high-end education and trainings, mechanism innovation, and research into Qi culture according to their work experience.

Yang Hongtao concluded that “university-city development” initiative, a major approach to cooperation and development, is comprehensive, integrated and multi-dimensional. Yang thought positively about the progress the initiative has made over the past one-odd year, and he also spoke highly of the encouraging results achieved through active cooperation and concerted efforts. About the future operation of the initiative, Yang stressed three points as follows:

First, both sides should raise awareness from a strategic perspective that SDUT as a cultural landmark is an indispensable part of the development of Zibo City; it can modernizing the city and contribute to its economic and social development. Second, both sides should take more concrete measures to work together to solve problems in work. Despite the fact that both sides have made remarkable achievements, there is still room for improvement. Given the failings and weakness, both sides should continue to further communicate and cooperation to solve problems in work based on previous work done. Third, both sides aim high for upgraded innovation, renewing work ideals, improving mechanism, learning from universities and enterprises and thereby making cooperation go deeper.

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