The First SDUT and Zhangdian District Forum on Integration and Development Cooperation Was Held


The weather in autumn is fine and cool, and the scent of flowers can be smelled everywhere. From September 16th to 18th, 2017, SDUT held the first Forum on Integration and Development Cooperation between city and college with Zhangdian District, Zibo city. Leaders and guests, experts and scholars, and business representatives were from the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province, Zibo City, SDUT and Zhangdian District, gathered at SDUT and business park, discussing the plan of integration and development of city and college, and exchanging their related matters.

On the morning of September 16th, the opening ceremony of the forum was held in the lecture hall of Shao Yifu (Run Shaw) Library in SDUT. The opening ceremony were attended by LYU Chuanyi, Party secretary of SDUT, ZHANG Tiezhu, the deputy party secretary and the president of SDUT, LIANG Kailong, the director of the division of Scientific and Technological Cooperation of Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology,YANG Hongtao, member of standing committee of Zibo Municipal CPC Committee and deputy mayor, ZANG Jinqiang, Member of Party committee and deputy director of Zibo Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology , SUN Laibin, Secretary of Zhangdian district CPC committee, WANG Jinchen, Deputy Secretary of ZhangdianDistrict CPC Committee member, and district director, ZHAO Chenguang,District CPC Committee member and deputy director of Zhangdian District, SONG Lei, member of Standing Committee of CPC of Zhangdian district and head of Department of Party Organization of Zhangdian Dsitrict, et al. The leading officials of relevant departments, colleges, research institutes of SDUT, Zhangdian District departments, townships, streets and parks, experts and professors of SDUT, Zhangdian district business representatives, nearly 130 people attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by LIU Guohao, member of the standing committee and vice president of SDUT.

Participants firstly watched the propaganda films of SDUT and Zhangdian District.

SUN Laibin, on behalf of Zhangdian District and the district government, welcomed everyone and expressed congratulations to the opening of the Forum. He said that Zhangdian District would fully implement the objectives of the integration of the city and college development agreement to ensure that every step of the cooperation would be rooted and seen the effectiveness of efforts to boost the school as soon as possible which would help SDUT rank among the domestic first-class universities and spare no effort to support and promote SDUT construction and developmen.

LYU Chuanyi pointed out in his speech that SDUT and Zhangdian District would have a successful cooperation in their exchange and collaboration, integration and development, with unique geographical advantages, and the school would set up professionals of the new materials, fine chemicals, electrical and electronic and others to help Zhangdian district to develop their related industries. He said that SDUT would take this forum as an opportunity to understand the needs of the talents and their innovation and development in Zhangdian District, to optimize the integration of development model, to expand cooperation areas, specify points of cooperation, and actively explore the new ways to integration of the development in whole areas, whole process,whole covering, to better play the 1 +1> 2 cooperation model, and jointly create a new era of integration and development of the school and Zhangdian district so as to achieve mutual win-win cooperation.

ZHAO Chengguang read the Agreement on the Promotion of the Integration of the Development Signed by Zhangdian District branch of CPC and Zhangdian District People's Government and SDUT CPC Committee.

In the warm applause, ZHANG Tiezhu and WANG Jindong, on behalf of the two sides respectively, signed the “Agreement on the Integration of the School and Zhangdian District to Promote Mutual Development. According to the agreement, our school and Zhangdian district would focus on exchanges and cooperation of gathering high-end talents, building a common talent platform carrier, conducting transformation between disciplinary achievements and their industries, providing high-level personnel services, building Entrepreneurial Innovation Center in Central Shandong area, building scientific research and experimental sites and transformational center, and constructing think tanks and other aspects. Zhangdian District would set up a special fund for the integration of the college and city (annual budget about 300 million RMB), to support the integration of the development of the college and city, and set about 200 sets of public rental housing around SDUT to help solve the problem of revolving housing for introducing high-level talents.

YANG Hongtao pointed out that co-founding of SDUT and Zhangdian District of this forum was a major symbol of the deeper development of integration of college and city. To strengthen the school-town cooperation, to promote complementary advantages, the space of integration and development is very broad, with a brilliant future, and many things to do. He said that Zhangdian district would fully support SDUT to stive for the domestic first-class university, which was not only the goal of SDUT, but also the responsibility of the party committees and governments of Zhangdian district, as well as Zibo city, it is also the city's aspiration and expectation. He asked Zhangdian District to further improve the political status, give full play to the responsibility of the host, to do a good job of the integration, to promote the development goals and tasks to be implemented.

YANG Hongtao announced, The First SDUT and Zhangdian District Co-operation Forum on Integration and Development Began.

During the opening ceremony, WANG Jindong issued letters of appointment for three experts and professors in our school, appointing them as Zhangdian District Science and Technology Consultants; leading officials of graduate school of SDUT awarded five graduate workstations co-built by SDUT and businesses; some experts and professors of SDUT signed some cooperation programs with business representatives in Zhangdian district.

After the opening ceremony, representatives of enterprises in Zhangdian District visited displays of brief introduction of SDUT high-level Talents and technical projects. Our related professors visited the key enterprises of Zhangdian District and their display of their demand for technical Talents. In Zhangdian District IUIA in Central Shandong Area International Maker Center, experts of SDUT and Zhangdian District made a special roadshow of their projects in different fields.

On the day of Sept. 17th, our school experts and professors in electronic and chemical fields visited the Xiaofu River Wetland Park, Zibo City Financial Center, Shandong ZhuoChuang Information Co., Ltd., Shandong Kehui Power Automation Company and Zhangdian Eastern Chemical Zone, Zibo Science and Technology Industrial Park and other places to discuss their cooperation between their research and Industrial projects.

On the morning of Sept. 18th, lectures were held at the lecture hall of the Shao Yifu (Run Shaw) Library in our school. LI Zongwei, a patent examiner of the State Intellectual Property Office, was invited to give a lecture entitled Trends in the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements and Technology Market”; GUO Man, deputy researcher of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, gave a lecture entitled Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements.

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