First foreign Post-doctor candidate was approved to enter SDUT


Recently, SDUT received the notice from Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province that the Pakistan Dr. Waseem Safdar was approved to enter the mechanical engineering center for his post-doctoral studies as a post-doctor and whose co-tutor is professor SONG Yuanda. Based on the requirements of the relevant departments of General Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and strictly controlling the proportion of office-bearer, over-aged persons (over 35 years old) of the total number of the same A-level discipline staff and the total number of post-doctors entering, Dr. Waseem is the first foreign post-doctoral staff approved by SDUT.

SDUT has always been attaching great importance to post-doctoral related work, and actively supporting and encouraging the relevant co-instructors to combine their subjective initiative to recruit post-doctoral researchers. It is important for the development of disciplines, the reserve of teachers and the improvement of the level of scientific research.

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