The 2017 spring sports games kicked off


On April 27, it was a fine spring day and the world is full of energy and life. In the morning, 2017 spring sports games were kicked off at the Center Stadium in the west schoolyard of SDUT. School leaders attended the opening ceremony and took seat on the rostrum, including Zhang Tiezhu, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, Wei Xiuting, Zha Yuxi and Yi Weming. Hu Xingyu, Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee and Director of SDUT Sports Commission, chaired the ceremony.

Zhang Tiezhu, President and Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, delivered his opening speech. Zhang said that over the past years, SDUT has upheld the principle of “Health Sports and Lifelong Sports,” combined popularization and improvement, promoted physical exercises, constructed sports facilities and sports playgrounds, and improved the systems of PE education, training and competition. Against this background, he continued that, sports in SDUT have now become a common practice among students and have achieved the following success: the track-and-field team won two championships in the provincial track-and-field tournament for college students; women’s basketball team won championship in the provincial competition and ranked top 16 in the national competition; women’s football team ranked the tenth in the national five-a-side-football competition for college students; SDUT’s first effort to form a team of marathon relay race for college students is a great success, our team ranking the third in the race; ping-pong team won 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals in the provincial sports league for students; all these remarkable success has earned a reputation for SDUT.

School president also pointed out that this sports meeting is of great significance in reviewing and showing sports events of SDUT, consolidating physical education, helping SDUT teachers and students keep fit, carrying forward good school spirits of unity, of endeavor and of strong will, and even contributing to the rapid development of physical education and other courses of the school. Then he hoped that athletes could do well in the competition with atenaciousspirit and great courage, thereby giving a good account of their sports competence and displaying fine sportsmanship as well; that referees could observe the rules, abide by the professional ethic, and assure fair judgments; that working staff could manage to serve the sports games, with perfect management and generous service; and that the audience could be touched by a sports glamour and joy, observing the rules on the playground.

At the end of his speech, Zhang declared the sports games open. The athlete representative and referee representative swore an oath respectively in the name of athletes and referees.

Here began fantastic team performance after athletes and referees had left the rostrum. In the aerobicsperformance, some 760 college students stroke up the tune of youth along with beautiful music and rhythmic beat, showing their heroic feelings with fiery passion. Students from campus organizations performed diabolo, street dance, nunchaku, taekwondo, tai chi and roller-skating, showing youthful vigor of university students and diversity of student organizations. Then students performed wushu, every gesture and motion showing abundance and glamour of Chinese Wushu. Some 540 staff from 27 basic-level trade unions worked together to display gymnasticperformance in high, vigorous and passionate spirits, showing unity, hard work and pioneering, enterprising style.

After the performance, the chief referee declared that the match started. In the two-day sports games, about 1600 athletes from 40 teams will compete, displaying the glamour and grace of competitive sports.

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