Lv Chuanyi addresses Class 2017 of National Defense


On the morning of June 27, SDUT leaders Lv Chuanyi, Liu Guohua and Zhang Xiangyun saw off the graduates majoring in National Defense and also took photos, altogether with air force members-in-residence at SDUT, teachers at School of National Defense Education and the section chiefs concerned, with these graduates of class 2017. Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, encouraged the graduates to carry forward fine traditions, to steel themselves and to become a qualified solider.

After taking photos, Lv made an improvised speech, pointing out that these students, determined to devote themselves to national defense with the Party and soldier-awareness in mind, had worked hard to study military, political theories and modern scientific, cultural knowledge, to participate in-class, out-of-class and voluntary activities and to enhance their military and political quality during their studies at SDUT. Then Lv remarked that in line with military disciplines and fine style of work, they looked attractive on campus and that SDUT has been proud of having them.

The Secretary encouraged the graduates to contribute to the cause of national defense, to China’s “strong armed forces” ambition and even to “China Dream”.

“On behalf of SDUT, I’d like to extend the most sincere blessings to you upon your departure from SDUT. Wish you every success. I hope someday someone will become the general of the People’s Republic of China. And SDUT will pay close attention to your growth and progress. I am looking forward to your good news. And we welcome you to come back and tell us your wonderful stories,” said Lv Chuanyi.

Since 2003, SDUT has trained national defense personnel for air force; by 2014, the school ceased to enroll students majoring in national defense because of the adjustment of national policies. Over the past 10-odd years, SDUT has closely cooperated with the office of air force members-in-residence, thereby combining university education with army training, mastery of specialized knowledge with military training, and exploring new thoughts, models and ways to national defense education. Through concerted efforts, the school and the office has trained over 1,300 quality military personnel; graduates of national defense from SDUT are generally acknowledged by armed forces and employers, thus contributing a lot to air force and the modernization program of China’s national defense.

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