Summer seminar held at SDUT


On the 2nd and 3rd of September, SDUT held a summer seminar to study the speech given by the General Secretary of CPC Xi Jinping on July 26, to discuss the way to better finish school work and to arrange future work for the second half of the year through the analyses of the new situation and tasks of the reform and development of higher education.

Those who attended the seminar included school leaders, such as Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Tiezhu, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, Wei Xiuting, Zha Yuxi and Yi Weiming, together with mid-level leaders, members of the School Academic Committee and directors of Professor Committee.

Zhang Tiezhu, President and Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, made a speech, giving an account of current situation and achievements in terms of the role SDUT has played in the launch of a series of academic activities for the annual conference organized by China Association for Agricultural Engineering, in the settlement of Tsingtao Institute in Jiaozhou City, in the historical breakthrough in the approval of natural science foundation of China, and in the employment of high-level faculty.

As regards the work to be done in the second half of the year, Zhang made the following requests: first, to continue to promote the strategic plan of “prioritizing the human resources” by employing high-level personnel with Ph. D degrees; second, to improve discipline construction and scientific research according to the standard of “double first-class”; third, to deepen the reforms on education and teaching, and to train quality application-oriented personnel; fourth, to abolish administrative ranks in each school and to reform scientific research system, so as to advance development through reforms; fifth, to deepen university-city cooperation by openly running school; sixth, to promote the work of student education, management and service, so as to make it safe, secure, harmonious and orderly; seventh, to normalize and to institutionalize the studies on the theoretical and practical issues of Party building and to fulfill the political responsibility of strictly governing the party.

Zhang continued, “We should be ready to shoulder responsibilities and to overcome difficulties because the success depends on the implementation of responsibilities. SDUT is at a critical stage of rapid development, which requires all staff and students to raise the awareness to bravely do any of school work well”.

In the seminar, the section chiefs concerned also exchanged their ideas, reported the performance and achievements on the implementation of policies concerned and on the annual work, and then made concrete measures to promote school work based on the existing problems.

School leaders, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, Wei Xiuting, Zha Yuxi and Yi Weiming, made speeches in succession, commented on the above-delivered reports and on the work done, and then arranged and made requests for future work.

School Party Secretary Lv Chuanyi made concluding remarks, fully affirming the achievements of this seminar, commenting on several bright points in previous work done and elaborating the topics of “how to think of today’s higher education” and “how to improve SDUT education”. Then he analyzed the new situation and new tasks of the reform and development of current higher education from the perspectives of international education, outside education and education itself. Taking higher education in such developed countries as America, Britain and Japan for example, Lv expounded on the development of world higher education; inspired by Xi Jinping’s statements on education, relevant state-proposed regulations on education development and the needs for economical and social development of Shangdong province, he also explained the essential tasks undertook by institutes of higher education, the advantages of innovation development and the urgency of rapid development; then Lv analyzed the challenges and opportunities in the reform of education system in terms of the competition of human resources, school recourses and system mechanism.

About SDUT education cause, Lv stressed that the representatives of excellent teachers and leaders of mid-level and above should raise the awareness of dedication, of sharing, of benchmarking development, of coordination, of discipline, and of optimal implementation.

At last, Lv stressed that all parts of SDUT should aim high for rapid development of SDUT education cause, with discipline, teachers and students, and responsibilities in mind, thereby making SDUT a high-level, well-known, and teaching-research institute of its own characteristics and embracing the 19th CPC National Congress on a high standard.

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