SDUT holds a ceremony to celebrate the 33rd Teachers’ Day


On the evening of September 8, SDUT held a ceremony to celebrate the 33rd Teachers’ Day at the Arts Center, extending sincere greetings to teachers and presenting awards to some teachers for their excellent performance.

School leaders, Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Tiezhu, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Wang Libin, Weixiuting and Yi Weiming, attended the ceremony, watched the show and presented awards to the winners.

In his address, Secretary of SDUT Party Committee Lv Chuanyi extended sincere greetings to teachers and offered cordial congratulations to the award winners on behalf of School Party Committee and Administrative. Then he pointed out that education cause is one of the oldest careers, and the noblest as well. He continued that for a long time, in pursuit of truth and moral education, SDUT teachers have achieved remarkable results. Lv also spoke highly of the awarded teachers for their various excellent performance and extended sincere thanks and high esteem to them on behalf of the whole school.

Lv stressed that the construction of teaching staff has made breakthrough under the guidance of the strategy of “prioritizing human resources” proposed at the 3rd SDUT Party Congress. He hoped that teachers could work hard to teach students comprehensively in the whole process and that front-line teachers could possess a vast store of knowledge, love and teach students, and set a good example for students, thereby living up to the standards of a good teacher, namely “having a dream and faith, possessing moral nobility, grasping profound knowledge, and being loving and kind” and embracing the 19th Party Congress on a high standard.

School leaders respectively presented awards to representatives of outstanding teachers, class supervisors and to the teachers who won the prize of “Model of a good teacher of Shandong Province,” “Excellent Teacher of Aoweiqi,” and so on. Liu Xiaohong, the representative of outstanding teachers shared the results and experience of guiding students to take part in the ACM program design competition for international college students and promised that she would continue to work hard for the growth of students.

The ceremony ended with a nice sing-along song named “In the Fields of Hope”.

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