SDUT holds a meeting to summarize previous work and arrange future work


On the morning of July 15, SDUT held a meeting to summarize the work done in the first half of the year and to arrange the work to be done in the second half. School leaders present at the meeting included Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Tiezhu, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Wang Libin, WeiXiuting, Zha Yuxi and Yi Weiming. Yi Yuchen, Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee and Secretary of Committee of Discipline Inspection, chaired the meeting.

Zhang Tiezhu, President and Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, summarized the work done in the first half of the year and briefed others with the achievements in terms of construction of teaching staff, discipline construction, education and teaching, scientific research and social service, deepening reforms, openly running school, education and management and service of students, service guarantee of comprehensive management and construction of Party buildings of SDUT.

Zhang also arranged the work to be done during the summer vacation: first, to be prepared for the specific evaluation of authorized doctoral disciplines and for the inclusion of degree programs; second, to be fully prepared for 2017 academic event organized by Chinese Association for Agricultural Engineering; third, to be prepared to finish constructing Building 6 and Building 7; fourth, to promote personnel training; fifth, to study and discuss the files of system reforms, including the system reform of scientific research; sixth, to do better in scientific research and society service; seventh, to do a good job in the enrollment and admission; eighth, to get ready for moving and adjustment; lastly, to make sure of the safety of staff and students, and of scientific research.

Then he analyzed the following problems to be solved from the perspective of specifying and implementing work:

To begin with, about discipline construction, sections concerned should manage to focus on discipline development by making a timetable, scheme and optimizing policy system.

Second, with regard to human resources, sections concerned should improve mechanism and take measures to make the best of human resources. Sections concerned should discuss feasible implementation route or plans, study annual academic report and academic evaluation system, and lay down a system to make annual work summary on human resources.

Lastly, as regards collaboration in work, sections and schools should further raise awareness to actively cooperate to better promote the overall development of the school.

In his address, Secretary of SDUT Party Committee Lv Chuanyi pointed out that over the first half of the year, with the joint efforts of all staff, everything at SDUT has gone well especially in the aspects of teaching and scientific research, of society service, of student management, logistics and of Party buildings.

In relation to the way in which leaders of mid-level and above can play a critical role, Lv stressed that these leaders should keep in mind the political discipline, teachers and students, responsibilities and learning.

These leaders should first keep the political discipline in mind, as Lv emphasized, because the discipline always sets the standards of political direction, stance, statements and action; hence, leaders should prioritize the political discipline, raise “four awareness,” and align their speeches and actions with CPC. He then persuaded them to to be incorruptible and self-disciplined when they performed their duties and exercised their power, reminding them not to take the chance that they could have a prospect even if they were accused of corruption. Lv encouraged the leaders to normalize criticism and self-criticism.

Lv also said that leaders should bear teachers and students in mind. Education is the noblest cause of human beings, so educators should foremost feel noble. “Loving students and teachers” is the basic requirement for a qualified university leader, which also reflects the aim of school administration, said Lv Chuanyi. He demanded the leaders to give priority to the interests of teachers and students, to do more practical things and to solve problems for them, with their concerns in mind.

The Secretary then encouraged the leaders to shoulder the responsibility of SDUT future development because school cause is a matter of integrated cooperation; therefore, each department, school, institute should take the corresponding responsibility, summarizing previous work done and making plans for future work to be done.

At last, Lv asked the leaders to keep studying to be able to solve the problems encountered in the development and reform of higher education. “We may probably get in the state of ability panic, so we should keep on studying theories, learning from practice and role models around us, and enriching and improving ourselves” said Lv.

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