“Academicians on a Campus Tour” at SDUT


Wang Maohua and Chen Xuegeng, academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering, were invited to deliver lectures on scientific attitudes, moral and study ethos building as a part of the“Academicians on a campus Campus Tour” activity on n the afternoon of August 26. This was the first time for SDUT to invite academicians to supervise graduate supervisors. The lectures were given in the library lecture hall.

Those attending the lectures included the academicians, Yi Weiming, Member of the Standing Party Committee and Deputy President of SDUT, chiefs concerned from School of Graduates and graduate supervisors of Class of 2016 and 2017.

Taking his academic trajectory for example, Wang gave a lecture from the perspectives of the review of growth and the thinking about development. He pointed out that the supervisors also as scholars should work hard and forge ahead, indifferent to fame and wealth. He taught others to do academic research through field investigation with actual needs in mind, to communicate with scholars at home and abroad, to learn to get proper information and to hold the bottom line. Then Wang encouraged others present to be state-interest-centered to live up to the expectations of the country, and to take a firm stance on the key things with proper standards in heart.

Chen Xuegeng delivered a lecture on “Scholars’ scientific research and responsibilities”. He first pointed out that scientific research wass a great cause for human beings to know the unknown and scholars thus should be equipped with scientific thinking and humanistic spirit. Then he claimed that scholars should be devoted to the enduring, endless scientific exploration with scientific morals and academic conventions in heart. Drawing inspirations from his own academic experience, Chen shared the way to the scholarly success. He said that scholars should be ready to grasp theories of the field and practice more, pay close attention to economic development and solve the seemingly unsolvable problems, and work hard with a tolerance for solitude.

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