SDUT holds the 2017 conference on agricultural engineering


SDUT held the annual agricultural engineering conference on August 26 and 27, which was sponsored by Chinese Commission of Agricultural Engineering and hosted by SDUT, Shandong Agricultural University, and Qingdao Agricultural University, aiming to strengthen the scientific innovation of agricultural engineering and promote the agricultural supply-side structural reform. At the conference, 1282 participants from 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities expanded broad and deep communication, contributing to the development of modern agriculture.

On the morning of the 26th, the opening ceremony was held at the Arts Center. Those attending the ceremony included the Academicians and the Honorary Director-Generals of Chinese Commission of Agricultural Engineering Wang Maohua, Luo Xiwen and Chen Xuegeng, the Academicians and the Honorary Deputy Director-Generals Kang Shaozhong and Li Tianlai, the Director of the Department of Industrial Policy and Regulation of Agricultural Ministry Zhang Tianzuo, Yang Hongtao, Deputy Mayor and Member of the Municipal Party Committee of Zibo City, Zhang Tiezhu, the President and Deputy Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, and Sui Bin, the Director-Generals of Chinese Commission of Agricultural Engineering. Zhu Ming, the Secretary General and Deputy Director-General of Chinese Commission of Agricultural Engineering, chaired the ceremony.

After the ceremony, 12 noted scholars in the field of agricultural engineering, includingWang Maohua, Kang Shaozhong, Chen Xuegeng, and Li Tianlai, discussed the new trend, the theory and technology of Chinese modern agricultural engineering in their seminar reports respectively.

In the afternoon, the Commission held the event of “Academicians on a Campus Tour,” and Wang Maohua and Chen Xuegeng lectured SDUT supervisors on the method of scholarship and supervision. To celebrate the conference, SDUT held an art performance, a wonderful visual feast.

On the 27th, 197 participants were divided into 8 groups to discuss and made suggestions for future development of modern agriculture from the perspectives of agricultural mechanization, technology and equipment of effective utilization of water resources, technology and equipment of agricultural engineering, recycling agricultural waste resources, the processing, storage and quality guarantee of agricultural products, agricultural electrical and information engineering, agricultural system and management engineering, and the applied technology of agricultural aviation.

During the conference, the Commission hosted a meeting of its branch institutions, the exhibition of the R&D results of agricultural mechanic equipment, the exhibition of the Commission, the exhibition of the 7th science-technology-prize winner, the national contest of unmanned aerial vehicle and robots, the national contest of intelligent agricultural equipment for college students, and the exhibition of the contest of innovation and entrepreneurship scheme of unmanned aerial vehicle and robots for college students; the Commission collected 327 papers, 20 being elected “excellent paper for young intellectuals,” and it also exhibited 236 academic posters.

Before the conference, the Commission organized the 5th national innovation contest of agricultural construction for college students, the 9th session of farming engineering of Chinese Commission of Agricultural Engineering, the forum on the equipment and industry of livestock breeding, and the 10th national convention of Chinese Commission of Agricultural Engineering.

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