Leading Officials Convene on Talent Recruitment


The first talent recruitment meeting in 2018 was kicked off in the conference room on the ninth floor of Hongyuan Tower on January 2, stressing on the special topic ofplanning to introduce high-level talents and putting forward requirements for future work. SDUT’s leaders Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Tiezhu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, and Yi Weiming attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Lv Chuanyi.

The director of the Talent Recruitment Office introduced the work experience, research fields and scientific research achievements of a group of newly recruited high-level talents, analyzing the recruitment of doctoral-degree talents in some provincial universities in 2017, and explaining the supplementary contents of the policy adjustment for recruiting doctoral-degree talents.

Focused on the talent recruitment, participants discussed the laboratory construction and utilization, equipment resources sharing, and talent recruitment objectives, putting forward suggestions that talent recruitment should be consistent with the direction of discipline development and academicdegree programs building, and the academic level and development potential for development should be stressed.

As for talent recruitment, President Zhang Tiezhu required that high-level talent recruitment should be well planned and targeted, especially the flexible talent recruitment involved a clear understanding why talents recruitment was needed and how to assess them; the objectives and tasks of talent recruitment should be specific and clear; as for the talents to be recruited, especially for those guided by the flexible, the disciplines and colleges concerned should arrange a special staff member for docking; the scientific demonstration was required for talent development directions and platforms, which should be in line with the college development planning and layout.

Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of SDUT’s Party Committee, listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of everyone, fully affirming the achievements made in the talent recruitment, and putting forward the requirements for the recruitment. He pointed out that 2017 was the first year of SDUT’s in-depth implementation of the Talent First Strategy, therefore, with the joint efforts of the all the people working at SDUT, gradually more talents were recruited or trained, thus good results were achieved.

To guarantee the talent recruitment in 2018 well done, Lv Chuanyi stressed that more talents would be recruited, the recruitment would be accelerated and its quality ensured. He demanded that all the staff should aim at the same goal under the unified guiding principle to form a joint force, embracing talents with a broad mind, doing a good job in recruiting talents with an indomitable perseverance, and building a pleasant environment for all kinds of talents to be recruited; there would be the humanistic care and ideological and political education oriented to the newly recruited talents. With care and education equally stressed, they should develop on the right track, exposed to the warmth of the school, with the newly accumulated momentum and unconditional positive regards.

What was also discussed at the meeting includes the talents’ settlement pay, age requirements, salary for doctoral-degree talents in the advantageous disciplines and family members’ job settlement.

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