SDUT Acclaimed as the Outstanding Educational Information-based Pilot School by the Ministry of Education


The Ministry of Education issued the Notice on the Evaluation of the First Batch of Educational Information-based Pilot Schools recently.161 pilot schools were evaluated as “outstanding”, including 27 undergraduate colleges and universities. Comprehensive acceptance and expert review, our school into the list of outstanding units, the province's colleges and universities only Shandong university and our school shortlisted.

To fully implement the acceleration of the educational informatization-based process, put forward in the National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020), the Ministry of Education nailed down the first batch of educational informatization-based pilot schools in 2012, divided into five categories of pilot programs, including regional, primary and secondary schools, vocational colleges, undergraduate colleges, and resource platform application at scale.

At the beginning of the pilot programs, SDUT was approved as one of the first batch of educational informatization-based pilot schools. With the theme of Exploration of the In-depth Integration Mode between Information Technology and Curriculum Teaching, SDUT took an active role in promoting the information technology integrated into the whole process of teaching, innovative teaching modes, and reform in the classroom teaching structures, thus shifting from the traditional of teacher-centered mode to student-centered, resource-rich and personalized digital learning mode.

The Ministry of Education commissioned the Education Department of Shandong Province for reviewing the first batch of information-based pilot areas and schools in April 2016. SDUT topped the rank of the pilot program for Shandong provincial undergraduate colleges and universities and was recommended as the Outstanding Pilot School of the Ministry of Education. The experts from the Ministry of Education for the outstanding pilot schools conducted spot checks and reviews on the educational information-based pilot work, unanimously approving and highly praising SDUT’s information building and achievements. In October 2017, the case of the Exploration of the In-depth Integration Mode between Information Technology and Curriculum Teaching submitted by SDUT was picked up into the Outstanding Case Collection of the Ministry of Education as an outstanding typical case promoted by the Ministry of Education throughout the country.

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