The Fifth Meeting of the Second Session of the Board of Education Development Foundation


In the afternoon of April 3rd, 2018, the 5th meeting of the 2nd Board of Directors of the Education Development Foundation of SDUT was held in the conference room on the 9th floor of Hongyuanlou Building. LYU Chuanyi (Party Committee Secretary) and LIU Guohua (Vice President) and all directors and supervisors attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by LIU Guohua.

The meeting reviewed and approved the adjustments of relevant directors. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Council's Articles of Association and the actual situation of SDUT, the second Board of Directors of the Education Development Foundation was adjusted and selected. LYU Chuanyi was elected as the chairman of the second board of Directors of the Education Development Foundation.

The newly elected chairman, LYU Chuanyi, expressed his welcome and thanks to all the alumni councilors who had adjusted their busy schedule to attend the meeting. He fully affirmed the achievements of the board. He stressed that he would live up to the trust of all directors, abide by laws, regulations, and constitution of the board, strengthen the study of professional knowledge, earnestly perform his duties, and jointly manage and run the Education Development Foundation with all directors.

Focusing on the work of the Education Development Foundation and the Council in the future, LYU Chuanyi put forward five requirements. First, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness and ability to win external resources. Second, we must advocate the philosophy of charity and run public welfare projects well. Third, we must focus on making good use of the decision-making role of the council. Fourth, we must strengthen the organization and team building of the foundation. Fifth, we must increase the publicity of the Foundation's work.

At the meeting, the participating directors reviewed the “Work Report of Education Development Foundation” made by LI Xiuchun (Vice President and Secretary General), and conducted in-depth discussions on the work of 2018 including foundation development strategy, fund raising, management, and investment issues. Discussions and suggestions were put forward such as setting up full-time institutions, creating professional teams, increasing publicity, focusing on brand building, seeking more resources, and broadening financing channels.

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