SDUT has been granted one doctoral and eight master degree authorization projects


Recently, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council successively issued the “Notification on Distributing the List of Academic Degree Authorization for Dynamic Adjustment of the Cancellation and Addition of 2017” (“Notification on Approving the List of Doctoral and Master Degree Authorization Added in 2017”), and announced the degree authorization review. As a result, SDUT has been added one doctoral degree authorization for first-level disciplines in electrical engineering, and five first-level professional masters' degree authorizations in Marxist theory, power engineering, and thermophysics engineering, law, business administration, library and information management, and three professional master degree authorizations in international business, translation and interpreting and arts.

Academic degree authorization is of utmost importance to colleges and universities, and it is a concentrated expression of the effectiveness of discipline construction and it is also the standard for examining the level of disciplines as well as a platform for bringing together teams to develop high-level personnel. In recent years, SDUT has adhered to the discipline construction concept of “Strengthening key points and highlighting features”, vigorously implemented the “Talent-First Strategy” and the “Implementation Measures for the Construction Project of Advantageous Characteristic Subjects”, which have helped to improve the overall strength of the discipline significantly. Up to now, SDUT has four first-level discipline doctoral authorizations, 26 first-level disciplines masters' degree authorizations, and seven professional master's degree authorizations which have provided a solid foundation for SDUT to build a distinctive, high-level, domestic well-known teaching and research university.

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