SDUT Held Key Work Promotion Meeting


In the afternoon of April 10th,2018, SDUT held a meeting at the lecture hall on the first floor of Hongyuanlou Building to arrange the deployment of the following key tasks and put forward the specific requirements: How to deal with the performance appraisal and assessment of the second round school staff employment and the third round of their hiring? How to implement the major projects of Shandong Provincial transforming from the old to new energy among school staff? How does SDUT launch a new round of constructing superior disciplines?

LYU Chuanyi, ZHANG Tiezhu, YI Yuchen, HU Xingyv, LIU Guohua, ZHANG Xiangyun, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, ZHA Yuxi, and YI Weiming and other school leaders attended the meeting. Heads of departments, subordinate units, economics and management Section, and deans of school-level research institutes, the secretary of the Party branch of each school also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by LYU Chuanyi,party secretary of SDUT.

ZHANG Tiezhu, the president of SDUT, made overall arrangement and deployment of the key projects. Focusing on the performance appraisal and assessment of the second round school staff employment and the third round of their hiring, he emphasized that all departments and units and schools should conscientiously study and understand and seriously grasp the connotation of the relevant policies in the documentary; We must grasp the essence of the spirit and carry out related work smoothly in accordance with the requirements of the relevant school documents; thirdly, we must do a good job in combining work, firmly establishing integrated thinking, and implementing it without compromise; fourth, we must deeply understand the relationship between academic evaluation and job evaluation,and effectively play the role of evaluation and assessment.

Focusing on the implementation of the major project of the major projects of Shandong Provincial transforming from the old to new energy among school staff, he emphasized that it must be closely integrated with school's “one spirit” and “one plan”; second, it should be closely integrated with the deepening of comprehensive reforms; Third, it should be closely integrated with the development of SDUT and Zibo.

Focusing on advancing the work related to the construction of advantageous disciplines, he emphasized that we must further improve the objectives and tasks of the development plan for the advantageous disciplines; secondly, we must promote the construction of outstanding disciplines and other disciplines; and we must focus on promoting close cooperation among discipline construction elements. Efforts should be made to achieve synergy,finding weakness and make up for it, and advancing side by side, Fourth, we must innovate the working mechanism to promote the construction of superior and advantageous disciplines, and coordinate the overall promotion.

The vice-presidents, LIU Guohua, WANG Libin, and YI Weiming, respectively explained and adopted the work plan for the second-term assessment for school staff and the third-term employment method, the new and old energy transforming projects for Shandong Province, and a new round of school postion employment. The highlights of the development project of the advantageous discipline construction were also interpreted and explained.

LYU Chuanyi stressed, firstly, the new round job hiring fully reflects the requirements of classified management; second, it truly reflects that each school works as an independent entity; third, it adds the content of public services within the school; and fourth, it truly puts teaching, research, and society into practice, public service is opening up; fifth,it makes a modest adjustment to the workload of “multiple tasks” personnel.

LYU Chuanyi pointed out that this reform in funding allocation would help mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers in scientific research work.the schools would also have greater autonomy and more power; the Party secretary and dean of each school must continuously enhance their skills, not only taking advantage of the powers devolved by SDUT, but also using them well. They must truly play a good role in continuing to release the reform dividend and enhance their development momentum.

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