Development Promotion Conference on Integration between Zibo City and SDUT Held in SDUT


In the morning of March 28th, 2018, Development Promotion Conference on Integration between Zibo City and SDUT was held in the conference room of the second floor of Xingyuan Hotel. ZHOU Lianhua (Secretary of the Zibo Municipal Party Committee, menember of Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress), YU Haitian (Deputy Mayor of the Zibo Municipal Committee), and LYU Chuanyi (Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT), ZHANG Tiezhu (deputy Party Secretary and President of SDUT), GAO Qingbo (member of the Standing Committee of the Zibo Municipal Party Committee and head of Organization Department), and YANG Hongtao (member of the Standing Committee of the Zibo Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor) attended the meeting together with other representatives of other colleges and universities, municipal departments, counties, high-tech zones, economic development zones, and Wenchanghu Lake district, and the working committee of the Wenchang Lake District official, and the responsible comrades of the departments of the party committee, the Science and Technology Ofiice, and the local affairs office of SDUT.

The main task of the meeting was to thoroughly study and implement President XI Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of party’s Nineteenth Congress, summarize the advancement of integration of SDUT and Zibo city, and study the next tasks and measures, bring together consensus, focus on key points, and promote campus merged with the deep development and practical results.

At the meeting, ZHOU Lianhua and LYU Chuanyi made speeches respectively. ZHANG Tiezhu signed contracts with the Zichuan District and Boshan District respectively on behalf of SDUT. YANG Hongtao briefed the integration of Zibo city and SDUT.

In his speech, ZHOU Lianhua emphasized that it was necessary to promote more accurately the development of campus integration, focus on the conversion of old and new energy, link the industry with the discipline, and promote the first breakthrough in the construction of new industrialized cities;we should focus on the construction of a demonstration area of Qi culture and innovation, put resources and forces in all fields to promote the breakthrough in research and development of Qi Culture; focus on the introduction of high-level, high-skilled talents, make full use of various talents policies, and work together to build a talented highland; also we need to focus on creating a famous school, strengthen co-construction and sharing, and promote the development of colleges and universities to achieve new breakthroughs. It was necessary to further improve the system and mechanism for the integration and development of Zibo city and SDUT, make good efforts to promote and implement policies, and promote the integration of school development to a new level.

When YU Haitian presided over the meeting, he demanded that a high degree of consensus be reached to promote the development of school integration, strengthen responsibility, take the initiative, and work hard to write a new chapter in the development of school integration with Zibo City. It was necessary to further pool the powerful forces that promote the development of city and college integration and focus on optimizing the allocation of resources, complement each other's strengths and promote the formation of a good situation in which the interaction between universities and localities is beneficial, cooperative and win-win-like, it was important to achieve joint construction and sharing to further promote the integration of college development, starting from the basic work and key projects, and fully promote the implementation of various tasks.

LYU Chuanyi stated that in the future, SDUT would, in accordance with the unified deployment of the municipal party committee and municipal government, play a better role in the conversion of new and old energy and talent pools, power sources, and boosters. He suggested that both sides would continue to strengthen deep-level cooperation in various fields, improve the mechanism for regular meetings and consultations, carry out the detailed task assignments, and jointly promote the development of school integration to achieve greater success.

YANG Hongtao summarized the major achievements from the implementation of the key projects of the integration and development of Zibo city and SDUT, the significant progress in the transformation of the old and new energy, the formation of regional innovation and development of high-quality platform, and the full integration of the city and college, and put forward further promotion of SDUT which were the main measures of integration development.

Speeches on the achievements and experiences of college-enterprise cooperation were delivered in succession by Professor LAN Yubin (Dean of the College of Agricultural Engineering and Food Sciences, Special Assistant to SDUT president),YUE Hongzhi (Associate Professor and Master Tutor, School of Materials Science and Engineering), ZHAO Yixin (president of Shandong Xinhua Medical Applicances Group), LI Xue (president of Zibo Zhongshan Group Co., Ltd.).

Before the meeting, ZHOU Lianhua and his team were accompanied by LYU Chuanyi and others to visit Dahonglu “Innovation Space” and Institute of Engineering Ceramics of SDUT.

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