The 6th and 7th Experimental Teaching Complexes had been laid their foundations


After the successful completion of the public bidding for the construction unit and the supervision unit in the early stage, on the morning of July 18th, 2018, SDUT held the signing ceremony and ground-breaking ceremony for the No.6 and No.7 Experimental Teaching Complexes. Then the construction of these two experimental teaching complexes was officially started which would become two more landmark buildings at SDUT.

At 10:00 am, the signing ceremony for the 6th and 7th Experimental Teaching Complexes  was held in the conference room on the 9th floor of Hongyuanlou Building. WANG Libin (Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, and Vice President), ZHA Yuxi (Vice President), JIA Yi (Chairman of Shandong Jincheng Construction Co., Ltd.), LI Jun (Chairman of Shandong Aolong Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.) were present the ceremony, and the responsible-persons of relevant departments also attended the ceremony.

JIA Yi and LI Jun spoke separately and introduced the management and performance of their respective companies. They said that they would conscientiously implement the agreement and build the No.6 and No.7 experimental teaching complexes into new landmark projects.

On behalf of SDUT, WANG Libin expressed his congratulations on the signing of these contracts. He emphasized that the 6th and 7th experimental teaching complexes, which were about to start ttheir construction, were the key projects of the school this year which would become two landmark buildings of the school. It was hoped that the parties to the contract would perform their contractual duties in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions, guarantee both quality and quantity, and make sure its safety construction.The relevant departments of the school would cooperate closely and do a good job in service. At last, through the joint efforts of all parties, the 6th and 7th experimental teaching complexes would be built into new landmark buildings.

On behalf of the school, ZHA Yuxi signed contracts with the representatives of the construction parties and the supervisory parties respectively.

Subsequently, a brief groundbreaking ceremony was held at the construction site. WANG Libin, ZHA Yuxi as School leaders, and JIA Yi, LI Jun as construction unit and supervision unit leader, CHENG Haifeng, Chairman of Shandong Yitao Real Estate Co., Ltd., Wang Junjiang, General Managerof Shandong Kehui Electric Co., Ltd. were present the groundbreaking ceremony, and the heads of relevant departments of the school, The person-in-charge of the schools, the representatives of teachers and students, and the representatives of the construction and supervision parties also attended the ceremony.

The relevant person-in-charge of the infrastructure office introduced the basic situation of the project. JIA Yi, LI Jun, CHENG Haifeng and WANG Junjiang representing different parties of the construction, supervision, alumni, and sponsoring enterprise spoke respectively, and they highly praised the achievements of SDUT development in recent years and congratulated the groundbreaking of the 6th and 7th Experimental Teaching Complexes.

In his speech, ZHA Yuxi said that the two complex buildings were high-profile projects, and also the people's expected projects which were to improve the conditions for running schools, and thery were also the landmark projects to witness the integration of school development. The construction of the two complex buildings was a comprehensive review of the construction unit, the supervision unit and the school work. It was hoped that with the joint efforts of many parties, the two complex buildings would be built into a fine project that was satisfactory to all parties and could stand the test of history, and together they would write a new chapter of the history of cooperation for win-win in the new era.

In a warm atmosphere, the leaders, guests and department representatives who participated in the ceremony jointly laid the foundations for the 6th and 7th experimental teaching complexes.

The No. 6 and No. 7 Experimental Teaching Complexes were comprehensive buildings that SDUT started to build in order to adapt to the new situation of “double first-class construction”, implement the “talent priority strategy” in depth, and improve the overall demand for teaching and research in science and engineering. The total construction area of the project is 56,396.82 square meters, of which the floor area of Building No. 6 is 22,139.98 square meters, the floor area of Building No. 7 is 21,678.24 square meters, the building area of underground garage is 12,578.60 square meters, the number of designed parking space is 252. The south building is 5 floors above the ground, 6 floors in part. The north building is 11 floors above the ground, 12 floors in part, and 1 floor underground. The projects were scheduled to be completed by the summer vocation of 2020.

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