SDUT Held 2018 Summer Work Seminar


From August 31st to the morning of September 1st, 2018, SDUT held a 2018 summer work seminar in a conference room on the second floor of the north building in Xingyuan Hotel, and participants were earnestly studying and implementing the spirit of higher level conferences, accurately grasping the new situation and new tasks of higher education in the new era of reform and development, combining the implementation of SDUT strategy of One Spirit and One Plan with the focus on the task and goal of this year, discussing the effective measures of important priority, effectively improving the management efficiency and work capacity of every department and unit, striving to complete the work plan of this year, and accelerating the high-quality development of SDUT.

The seminar was attended by SDUT leaders: LYU Chuanyi, ZHANG Tiezhu, YI Yuchen, HU Xingyu, LIU Guohua, ZHANG Xiangyun, WANG Libin, WEI Xuting, ZHA Yuxi, YI Weiming, ZHANG Jinsheng and all cadres of middle level, the comittee of the School Academic Commission and chairmen of the Professors Commission of each college.

ZHANG Tiezhu (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of SDUT) delivered  a speech with a review of the work carried out in the summer of 2018 and made arrangements for the key work to be performed in the second half of 2018 as follows: First, the implementation of the strategy of giving priority to talents should be continued to strengthen; Second, the construction of disciplines should be promoted with great efforts; Third, the reform of education and teaching should be deepened; Fourth, scientific research level should be improved ; Fifth, the construction of College as independent entity should be promoted; Sixth, the in-depth development of school-city integration should be promoted; Seventh, the level of students education and management services should be comprehensively improved; Eighth, the political responsibility for strict Party discipline with an all-out effort should be conscientiously implemented.

As to deepen the implementation of the work plan, ZHANG stressed that, first, SDUT should conduct the targeted and in-depth study of the work plan; Second, SDUT must emancipate its thought further; Third, SDUT should strengthen the co-ordination and communication among different units further.

The seminar had arranged different speeches which had communicated briefly among the heads of Educational Administration Department, Science and Technology Department, Social Sciences Department, Graduate School and 23 heads of different schools who had introduced the accomplishment of the important work indicators in the first half of the year, the unfinished target tasks and the prominence of their existing problems, and then put forward the methods and measures for completing the key tasks in the second half of the year with the combination with the targeted study and investigation in Jiangsu University, and the comparison with targeted tasks of the annual work.

The participants had been divided into 11 groups, and focused on the discussion of how to enhance the management and service ability of the functional departments and how does the college play the crucial role in school running. Many constructive suggestions were put forward. School leaders had participated the discussion of each group. After the discussion, the convenor of each group made a general exchange report of group discussions.

LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, made a concluding speech and conveyed the spirit of the summer reading class of the party committee secretaries and presidents as well as that of the learning center group of the provincial party committee theory.

In combination with the learning experience, LYU Chuanyi talked about the implementation of XI Jinping’s Socialism Thoughts with Chinese characteristics in the new era. He discussed the following six points: First, SDUT should strengthen the party's leadership; Second, SDUT should adhere to the philosophy of people-centered development; Third, SDUT should have firm ideals and convictions; Fourth, SDUT should persist in seeking truth from facts; Fifth, SDUT should strictly abide by the rules of discipline; Sixth, SDUT should strengthen its mission and responsibility.

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