2018 Taishan Academic Forum on Intelligent Agricultural Machinery was Held in SDUT


From August 24 to 25, 2018, 2018 Taishan Academic Forum on Intelligent Agricultural Machinery was held in SDUT which was hosted by Shandong Education Department and was undertaken by Shandong University of Technology, and co-organized by International Precision Agriculture Aviation Association, Research Center for International Precision Agriculture Aviation Application Technology, Chinese Agricultural Engineering Association, and Collaborative Innovation Center for Shandong Provincial Dry Farming Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipment.

The forum was attended by CHU Ruiyun (member of the Committee CPC of Shandong Agricultural Department and deputy director), ZHANG Tiezhu (deputy secretary and president of SDUT), YI Weiming (member of standing committee of the Party CPC and deputy president), YANG Jincai (president of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association), LI Ruichuan (deputy director of Chinese Agricultural Engineering Association), DU Guangxuan (deputy director of Foreign Experts Bureau of Deapartment of Shandong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security), CHEN Liping (director of the Research Center for State Agricultural Intelligence Equipment Engineering Technology), XU Zhaochun (head of General Station of Shandong Provincial Plant Protection) and BIAN Jun (secretary of the Party Group of Zibo Association of Science and Technology). The forum was also attended by more than 500 delegates from all over the country. The forum was also participated by about 30 top scholars and senior adiminstration presidents and managers-in-general who had been listed as national outstanding young Talent, Changjiang scholar, national excellent young Talent, memeber of 10,000-Talent-Program and hundred-Talent from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Taishan scholars.

On the morning of August 24th, 2018, the opening ceremony of the forum started in the lecture hall of the 3rd Teaching Building. Professor LAN Yubin, the special assistant of the president of SDUT and dean of School of Agricultural Engineering and Food Sciences, presided over the opening ceremony and delivered an opening speech.

On behalf of SDUT, President ZHANG Tiezhu congratulated on the success of the series of activities of Taishan Academic Forum. He pointed out that at present, our country attached great importance to the development of agriculture and rural areas, and clearly proposed to vigorously implement the strategy of rural revitalization. Promoting the scientific and technological innovation and prosperity of agricultural engineering, strengthening the popularization of agricultural engineering, and speeding up the cultivation of scientific and technological talents in agricultural engineering, all the above would have become important powers to promote the agriculture and its innovation development of rural economy. He said, SDUT will take this academic forum as an opportunity to further focus on the field of intelligent agricultural machinery and promote the construction of first-class discipline in agricultural engineering. It will provide a strong support and guidance for the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, and make greater contributions to the innovation-driven development of Shandong and even of China's economy and society.

CHU Ruiyun pointed out that mechanization, automation and intellectualization were the three-important-stage signs of agricultural modernization. In the field of agricultural machinery, the best means to promote the development and manufacture of intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment continuously was to promote Four Modernizations with Four Changes and to realize the conversion of old and new kinetic energy.

LI Ruichuan said that the Agricultural Engineering Discipline of SDUT had made tremendous contributions to promoting scientific and technological innovation and academic exchanges in agricultural engineering for many years. The Agricultural Engineering Association would continue to strengthen its communication and cooperation with disciplines to jointly promote the development of the career of agricultural machinery.

YANG Jincai pointed out that China’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were leading in the world, and they were playing an increasingly important role in aerial photography, plant protection, security and other fields. He hoped that everyone would make joint efforts to promote the development of UAVs.

At the opening ceremony, Co-innovation Center for Shandong Dryland Intelligent Agricultural Machinery and Equipment was unveiled by CHU Ruiyun and ZHANG Tiezhu jointly.

After the opening ceremony, the forum held expert reports. Experts and scholars had presented a brilliant academic discussion in the fields of precision agricultural aviation, intelligent plant protection equipment, agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent agriculture, intelligent seeding equipment, intelligent harvesting equipment, navigation and positioning of agricultural machinery, large data of intelligent agricultural machinery, agricultural products processing equipment, agricultural biomass processing equipment and so on.

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