SDUT Leaders Inspected the Registration of International Freshmen


Since August 27th, 2018, international freshmen of SDUT began their registration one after another. More than 200 freshmen from 16 countries came to the campus of SDUT to start their study in China. On the afternoon of September 1, 2018, ZHANG Tiezhu (the deputy secretary of SDUT party committee, and the president) and YI Yuchen (the deputy secretary of the party committee) came to the international students’ dormitory buildings No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 to visit the new students with the accompany of heads of the Party Committee (President) Office and International Cooperation and Exchange Department and some counselors.

ZHANG Tiezhu and YI Yuchen had a cordial conversation with international students. They asked in detail about their nationalities, majors, and difficulties they faced in the new environments. They hoped that new international students would strengthen exchanges with Chinese students, adapt to campus life as soon as possible, and strive to complete their own studies and dreams in China. Anna from Russia said excitedly: My Chinese is not very good, I am not familiar with the new campus; but my new teachers and classmates warmly received me and took the initiative to care and help me. I love and thank Shandong University of Technology for these supports and I like here which make me miss my hometown less.”

ZHANG Tiezhu and his colleagues checked the arrangement of living facilities of international student apartments, as well as the student activity rooms, multi-media classrooms and administration office, and listened to the report of the registration of international students and their preparations for the start of new semester. It was emphasized that SDUT must do a good job in international students' work, provide them with an international and humanized environment for their learning and living, comprehensively improve the internationalization of SDUT, and call on the staff a good mental outlook and positive working attitude to complete the tasks of the new semester.

In order to do a good job in the orientation of the registration, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office made careful arrangements. Chinese and foreign student volunteers actively cooperated with relevant teachers to provide related services such as pick-ups at railway station and airport, baggage placement, campus guide, registration, campus card and mobile phone card, and admission guidance for new students so as to guarantee them complete their registration smoothly.

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