ZHANG Tiezhu attended the 2018 Cross-Straits University Presidents Forum


From October 23 to 27th, 2018, at the invitation of National Taiwan Ocean University(NTOU), President ZHANG Tiezhu attended the 2018 Cross-Straits University Presidents Forum and made a special report and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with leaders of participating universities. The heads of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office and the Local Affairs Office as his accompany also attended the forum.

 At the forum, ZHANG Tiezhu briefly introduced the basic situation of SDUT and made a report entitled  as “Deepen integration and reform of the governance, industry, academy and research, to drive to promote academic results transformation”.

ZHANG Tiezhu expounded three aspects of introducing the academic achievements, namely promoting the integration of  the university and the local government, innovating the complementarities mechanism for the two entities, and focusing on building a social system for academic services; focusing on stimulating endogenous power, deepening the reform of scientific research management system and mechanism, and endeavoring to improve scientific research and the ability to transform results; focusing on solving key common technical problems in enterprise industry, optimizing and perfecting the school-enterprise cooperation mechanism, vigorously promoting transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. He pointed out that through long-term school-running practice, the school deeply felt that to promote the school’s development cause, it was necessary to put talents in a more prominent strategic position, vigorously implement the talent priority strategy, and continuously strengthen the talent team; it was necessary to further connect the university and the city where it was located so as to promote the organic linkage between education, talent, industry, and innovation, and vigorously promote the comprehensive deep integration of production and education; it was necessary to vigorously promote comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with high-quality universities both at home and abroad; it was necessary to adapt to the requirements of economic and social innovation and development,and accelerate institutional mechanisms reform, and stimulate the endogenous driving force for innovation and development.

During the forum, ZHANG Tiezhu and his team exchanged extensive views with the presidents of the participating universities and relevant department heads, especially with the heads of sister schools of Taiwan, such as Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung University, Kunshan University of Science and Technology, Chaoyang University of Science and Technology, and Yishou University. After the talks, they exchanged in-depth views on further strengthening inter-school academic and educational exchanges and cooperation.

The forum represents as an important platform for exchanges between universities and colleges in Shandong province and Taiwan holds every year by turns since 2002. This time, the forum was hosted by NTOU and co-organized by Qingdao University under the themes of “New Era, New Challenges: the forward-looking  for higher education reform and  university's governance system”, cross-strait exchange and cooperation, common talent cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship talent cultivation, etc., and were attended by more than 100 presidents, cross-strait affairs department heads and experts and scholars from 52 universities across the Taiwan Straits.

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