Shandong Provincial Department of Education sent a congratulatory letter to SDUT


On November 2nd, 2018, Shandong Provincial Department of Education sent a congratulatory letter to SDUT, expressing hearty congratulations to Professor Lan Yubin on his election of as an academician of the Academy of Europe.

The congratulatory letter said the fact that Professor LAN Yubin was elected as an academician of the Academy of Europe was not only an honor of Shandong University of Technology but the pride of teachers of Shandong higher education, which was the fruitful result of the province's in-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening province with talents.

The letter also said that Professor LAN Yubin, as a leading scientist in international precision agricultural aviation as well as the top talent introduced by Shandong province's one case, one discussion project, had made outstanding contributions to the promotion of the development and exchanges of precision agricultural aviation in the world, especially China's agricultural aviation and plant protection drones.

The letter said that  Shandong University of Technology had taken an active responce to the call of the provincial party committee and the provincial government for a long time. It thoroughly implemented the strategy of science, education, and talents to develop Shandong province, and vigorously implemented the strategy of giving priority to the development of talents with regarding the construction of the teaching staff as the primary project. It  deepened the reform of scientific research management system and mechanism, reformed and abolished the administrative level reform of the secondary colleges, improved the diversified talent evaluation system, created a good environment for talent development, so as to achieve continuous new results in the construction of talent team and career development.

Shandong Provincial Department of Education also extended its hope in the letter that SDUT would start a new chapter by the fact that Professor LAN Yubin was elected as a new academician of the Academy of Europe and College of Arts and Humanities, focusing on emancipating the mind, bravely taking advantage of the situation, continuing to deepen reforms, gathering talents and intelligence, and improving the effectiveness of talents. Based on the first-class discipline of agricultural engineering in Shandong province, SDUT would strive to build a national first-class discipline, produce more landmark achievements, comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the school, contribute to the accelerated development of the province's higher education and provide strong talent more guarantee and intellectual support for the provincial innovation-driven development.

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