SDUT adopted 6 measures to further promote the internationalization of education


On November 5th, 2018, SDUT issued the “Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Internationalization of Education” (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”), and proposed the guiding ideology, development goals, main tasks and safeguard measures for educational internationalization.

The guiding ideologies of the Opinions were: Guided by President Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and thoroughly implemented the spirit of the General Office of CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council's Opinions on Doing a Good Job in the Opening up of Education in the New Era and the Ministry of Education's Promoting the ‘One Belt and One Road’ Education Action , SDUT should focus on the development requirements of building SDUT as a teaching and research university with the features of being distinctive, high-levelled, and domestically renowned, aim to improve the quality of personnel training and the level of discipline construction, emphasize on the internationalization of student training, faculty, and scientific research to improve institutional mechanisms, strengthen policy guidance, platform and project construction, actively promote education opening up, and fully promote the internationalization of school education.

The Opinions pointed out that the development goals of the school’s educational internationalization were: We would comprehensively expand and deepen international exchanges and cooperation, establish and improve the international promotion mechanism at two levels of the schoo and colleges, actively promote the deep integration of international quality education resources and the whole process of teaching and research and comprehensively enhance the international competitiveness and influence of SDUT. Among them, the overall goal was: The level of internationalization of talent cultivation,teaching staff and scientific reaearch  wiould be significantly improved. The specific objectives were: By 2021, we would increase substantial cooperation with more than 20 overseas universities and over 100 overseas friendly schools. We would set up 100 courses taught in English. 5 to 7 undergraduate programs (undergraduate majors taught in English) and 7 to 9 doctoral and master's majors (directions) taught in English would be built. The undergraduate students sending overseas for exchanges, internships, and joint training would account for 1% of the total, and the proportion of the postgraduate students attending these projects would account for 5%. The number of foreign students studying in SDUT would reach more than 1,000, of which 30% would obtain a degree. We would introdeuce about 50 overseas doctors and high-level talents, and the proportion of full-time teachers with half-year and above overseas learning experience wiould reach 30%. We would establish 5 to 7 international scientific research cooperation platforms (research centers, joint laboratories, etc.), host high-level international and bilateral academic conferences 20 times. We would also invite overseas famous experts and scholars to come for exchanges and lecture more than 100 times each year.

The Opinions had clarified that the main task of the school was to advance the six plans. which were: We would promote the College's overseas partner construction initiatives, internationalization course (professional) construction plan, the student overseas exchange plan, the study abroad plan,  the teacher international exchange plan, and the scientific international cooperation plan.

In order to complete the goal of educational internationalization, SDUT would further establish and improve the international leadership system at the two levels, increase the investment of international special funds, strengthen the construction of international school conditions, establish an international evaluation system for colleges, and strengthen the internationalization of management teams, and improve safeguard measures such as campus internationalization.

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