The opening ceremony of Zibo Branch of China Ocean University Press Held in SDUT


On November 12th, the opening ceremony of the Zibo Branch of China Ocean University Press was held in SDUT. The establishment of Zibo branch not only filled the gap in Zibo publishing industry, but also opened a new chapter in cooperation between SDUT and Ocean University of China.

The ceremony has been attended by LI Huajun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, vice president of Ocean University China (OUC); WU Yongliang, deputy director of the Publishing Management Department of Shandong provincial  Press, Publication, Radio and Television Administration; ZHANG Tiezhu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of SDUT; YANG Limin, president of China Ocean University Press; and ZHOU Maosong, director of the Zibo Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication, also including people in charge of the relevant departments of Zibo City and SDUT and the relevant personnel of China Ocean University Press. The ceremony was presided over by ZHA Yuxi, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT.

The license for the China Ocean University Press, Zibo Branch, had been jointly unveiled by ZHANG Tiezhu and LI Huajun.

In his speech, ZHANG Tiezhu expressed his sincere welcome to the leaders and experts on behalf of the school. He expressed hearty congratulations on the establishment of the Zibo Branch of China Ocean University Press and briefly introduced the basic situation of the school. He pointed out that China Ocean University Press is the only university press in China featuring marine and aquatic science that is dominated by the Ministry of Education. The establishment of the branch not only filled the gap in Zibo publishing industry, but also created a pioneering work for the journal publishing industry in SDUT. It also built a good communication platform for the two universities. It was hoped that the two universities would take this opportunity to strengthen mutual exchanges, actively expand cooperation areas, and carry out in-depth cooperation in personnel training, scientific research, society service, cultural heritage innovation and other aspects to achieve win-win outcomes.

The responsible person of Aoxing Technology Development Co. Ltd in SDUT introduced the preparations for the branch.

YANG Limin briefly introduced the basic situation of China Ocean University Press and its major achievements in recent years. As a working cooperation platform for the two parties, the main task of the branch was to supply textbooks and provide publishing services for textbooks and academic monographs, for Shandong University of Technology and other colleges and universities in Zibo and also publish general books for all the sectors in Zibo.

ZHOU Maosong said that Qingdao and Zibo played important roles in economic and cultural construction in Shandong province with their rich cultural resources and developed cultural industries, where these two cities would be strong in economic complementarities and extensive cooperation. The establishment of the branch was a great and happy event for Zibo people. It was hoped that after its establishment, the branch would further promote the complementary advantages of the cultural industries of the two cities,  and resonate and enlarge the their inter-regional cultural industry. The branch was also expected to play a greater role in jointly promoting the development of the cultural industry, and making new and greater contributions to the building of Zibo as a more famous cultural city.

WU Yongliang expressed his hearty congratulations on the establishment of Zibo branch office of Shandong University of Technology. He said that cooperation between China Ocean University Press and Aoxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. in SDUT had filled the gap in Zibo in its academic publishing industry, . It also provided new teaching and research services and academic platforms for the development of SDUT. It was hoped that Zibo Branch would adhere to the CPC’s education policy and publishing guidelines under the careful guidance of China Ocean University Press and relevant departments at the higher levels. The branch was also expected to make full use of both SDUT and Zibo’s advantages to strengthen exchanges and coordination and carry out various publishing businesses. Positive contributions would be made to the progress of Zibo's publishing and distribution industry and the vigorous development of Shandong's cultural industry.

LI Huajun expressed his gratitude to the leaders at the provincial and municipal levels for their encouragement and support to all aspects of China Ocean University, especially to the publication affairs. He spoke highly of the achievements in SDUT’s reform and development  in the past two years. He pointed out that it had always been the focus of his press to serve university discipline construction ,train talents and publish and supply university textbooks. After the preliminary communication and consultation, the OUC press signed a cooperation agreement with Aoxing Technology Development Co., Ltd.. They decided to jointly build the Zibo Branch under OUC press. This was a new beginning and a new starting point for the cooperation between the two universities. In the future,it was our sincere hope that we could strengthen mutual communication, exchange ideas, learn from each other's strengths, complement each other and achieve the win-win development.

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