Prof. Yubin Lan Elected Academician of Academia Europaea


The Awarding Ceremony for new academicians of European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Academia Europaea for short) was held in Paris, France at 10: 00 pm, October 22 (Beijing Time, 8 hours earlier than GMT). Prof. Yubin Lan, pilot scientist in the field of agricultural aviation, Assistant to SDUT President and Head of School of Agricultural Engineering & Food Science, was awarded the title of “Academician of Academia Europaea” in recognition of his academic achievements. Ante Glibota, Vice President of the Academia and scholar specializing in European arts and architectural history, presented him with the medal and certificate for 2018 academicians announced.

Invitation to 2018 membership of the Academia follows the process of “recommdation, review and confirmation” by 6 former Academicians (Ante Glibota included) as to the scholarship of the nominated individuals. Awarding a distinction to Prof. Yubin Lan, Ante Glibota said, “Professor Lan first put forward the concept of ‘precision agricultural aviation’ and carried out research into agricultural aviation remote sensing and precision aerial variable spraying. He has long been devoted to developing and putting into practice the technologies of precision agricultural aviation, of aerial spraying and of aviation remote sensing, thereby contributing to the development, communication of the descipline of the precision agricultural aviation and especially to the application, development of agricultural aviation and of UAV for plant protection in China.”

“I feel very excited and honored. I will work on the research in this new and high-end field.” Lan said in the interview. “Scientific research respects no boudary, but scientists have home countries. After many years’ studies at abroad, I come back to my home country, in the hope that I can work to apply what I have learnt to agricutural development both in China and other countries.”

Prof. Yubin Lan, Ph.D. supervisor, was awarded “Distinguished Professor and Scholars from overseas” by Ministry of Education, Vice Executive President of the National Innovation League of Aviation & Plant Protection and Director of the National Center for International Collaboration Research on Precision Agricultural Pesticides Spraying Technology. He once worked in A & M University in Taxis, University of Nebraska, University of Georgia and Service Office of Agricultural Research in the Department of Agriculture as the tenured professor and senior researcher. In July 2014, Lan was invited to work at South China Agricultural University as the director and top scientist at the National Center for International Collaboration Research on Precision Agricultural Pesticides Spraying Technology and at Guangdong-based International Laboratory of Agricultural Aviation Pesticide Spraying Technology. From May 2017, Prof. Lan has worked at SDUT, now as Assistant to SDUT’s President, Head of School of Agricultural Engineering & Food Sciences and Director of Research Center for Technology Application of Precision Agricultural Aviation.

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