SDUT Holds Taishan International Sub-Forum for Young Scholars


On the afternoon of October 12, the opening ceremony of Taishan International Sub-Forum for Young Scholars was held in the lecture hall of Hongyuan Building. Those present at the ceremony included SDUT president Zhang Tiezhu, 25 young scholars from universities from China, the U.S., Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and other forign countries, as well as section chiefs and heads of schools concerned. And Vice President Liu Guohua chaired the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Zhang Tiezhu gave a speech, welcoming the scholars, congratulating to the success of the forum, and highlighting some of SDUT’s key achievements.

In the speech, Zhang Tiezhu pointed out that SDUT had held on to the idea of “personnel as the primary resources”, promoted the strategic plan of “prioritizing the human resources”, considered the construction of teaching staff to be of the first importance, and tried to build teams of devoted and well-structured personnel based on the guiding principle of “attracting personnels, building teams and making its members masters in some fields”. “SDUT has been devoted to improving the mechanism of brain gain, attracting more qualified personnel, deepening the system reform on scientific research, creating a situation in which everyone strives for individual development and brings one’s potential into full play, providing personnel with political guidance, support in work and care in life, and promoting personnel sharing.” Zhang added. “In this way, ‘working at SDUT and starting a career in Zibo’ has become a shared choice for many potential personnel at home and abroad”.

Zhang stressed, “The development of the university lies in the work of qualified personnel, and young people are the key to future sustained development. SDUT, incisive, innovative, vigorous and in dire need of qualified personnel, is inviting more young people to work together for a better university”.

Afterwards, the attendees watched the documentary film about the development of SDUT. Then the chief from Office of Human Resources publicized relevant policies.

Professor Yubin Lan, Assistant to the school President and Head of School of Agricultural Engineering & Food Science, delivered a speech. He said, “As a researcher who came back to China several years ago, I am glad to communicate and look to the future with all of you. In recent years, SDUT has made achievements on the attraction of human resources. More qualified personnel are joining us in teaching, constructing desciplines and doing academic research. The university focuses on the project of ‘New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion’ and the strategy of ‘Rural Revitalization’, which needs more outstanding personnel. I have enjoyed the favourable work environment and mechnism of “attracting, prioritizing, caring and cherishing huam resources” since I came to SDUT a year ago.”

After that, two of young scholars made a speech, expressing their academic pursuits.

On the morning of the 13th, these young scholars visited some schools and had talks on academic exchanges and future cooperation.

On the morning of the 12th, Zhang Tiezhu attended the signing ceremony of 2018 Taishan International Forum for Young Scholars and signed with the representative young scholars.

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