Kevin Charles Moore Heads a delegation to SDUT


Kevin Charles Moore, British Sports Museum expert and senior editor, headed a delegation of six to Shan Dong University of Technology (SDUT) at the invitation of the school’s CPC Secretary Lv Chuanyi, On October 24, the day after he had attended the Third World Football Culture Summit 2018 in Linzi District, Zibo City, China. Accompanying the delegation was Ma Guoqing, Vice President of Reasearch Institute of Qi Culture and President of Qi Culture Museum. Lv Chuanyi met and had a talk with the Moore delegation at Xingyuan Reception Room. Those present at the talk also included the section cheifs from Office of SDUT’s CPC Committee (and President) and Office of International Cooperation & Exchange.

On behalf of SDUT, Lv Chuanyi extended warm welcome to the delegation. Lv briefed on the history and development of the university, and then focused on the curriculum setup, the desciplines with advantages and characteristics, and major achievements in terms of scientific research and school reforms. He hoped that the delegation could learn more about SDUT and would often come to discuss the ways of cooperating and communicating, so as to contribute to the exchanges of ideas and cultures between Britain and China.

The chief from Office of International Cooperation & Exchange introduced the exchanges between the two countries in the fields of scientific research, academic visits, co-supervision and short-term projects, in the hope that the two sides could communicate and cooperate more increasingly.

Kevin Moore and his party expressed their thanks, and hoped to communicate and cooperate with SDUT in the field of football and beyond.

During the talk, the both sides put forward effective suggestions and visions for jointly holding events, seeking the opportunities to cooperate and discussing the ways to communicate in the future.

In the afternoon, the delegation, accompanied by Lv Chuanyi and Ma Guohua, visited the history room, student affairs center, the center for student learning and development, and Dahonglv innovation center.

Kevin Moore, former curator of the National Football Museum, has had a close tie with China since October 23, 2015, when Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a visit to Manchester. And on behalf of the National Football Museum, Moore took four copies of antique Jv (“Jv” in parellel to “British football”) from Xi Jinping after the museum had offered Xi the oldest copy of modern football game rules. On the same day, the National Football Museum and Linzi Football Museum signed an agreement, formally establishing cooperative relationship and preparing to exchange ideas on football culture, education and other aspects.

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