The joint conference of university presidents for collaborative development established in SDUT


On the morning of December 27, the founding meeting of university presidents for collaborative development in Zibo was held in the conference room on the ninth floor in Hongyuan Building. Those who attended the meeting included Gao Qingbo, member of the Standing Party Committee and head of Organization Ministry of the Central Committee of the CPC of Zibo, Secretary of Ministry of Education and Labor, Zhang Tiezhu, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, Wei Xiuting, Vice President and member of the Standing Party Committee of SDUT, Wang Kejie, Deputy Mayor of Zibo City, Wang Xiliang, Deputy Secretary General of the Zibo Government, Yu Jun, Director of Ministry of Education of Zibo, and presidents and chiefs concerned from eight universities who were among the first to get involved in collaborative development.

At the meeting, participants elected the Presidium, Executive Committee and Secretariat, and Zhang Tiezhu as the chairman of the first joint conference. The university presidents signed the memorandum of “Charter of the Joint Conference of University Presidents for Collaborative Development in Zibo”.

Zhang Tiezhu delivered a speech as the chairman of the first joint conference. He pointed out that collaborative development was an effective way to reform the education mode and achieve quality development. And as Zhang said, the purpose of the Joint Conference was to share resources, complement, benefit and promote each other; and with the aim of establishing long-term mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation among universities, the Organization would make full use of the advantages and quality resources of the member schools, and carry out complementary cooperation in various aspects. He hoped that members of the Conference could work together for sustainable development, and that universities could fulfill their respective responsibilities, carry out in-depth cooperation in various fields and work together for win-win development, thus contributing to the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones and innovation-driven development in Zibo.

On behalf of the Party Committee and the Government of Zibo, Gao Qingbo congratulated on the establishment of the Joint Conference.He pointed out that establishing the Conference was one of the most strongest measures to implement the guiding principles on education of national and provincial education congresses, and also an effective carrier to promote the collaborative development of universities.Gao also said that the Party Committee and the Government of Zibo would continue to support universities and colleges,enabling universities to strengthen communication and contacts, to comprehensively deepen cooperation and thus to complement each other, which thereby contributes to the transformation, development and overall revitalization of Zibo. He finally made specific requests for the future work of the Joint Conference.

At the joint conference, Wei Xiuting was elected as Director of the Executive Committee. Wei summoned members of the Secretariat to a meeting for work deployment. He said that universities should regularly carry out exchanges to explore the role of the Joint Conference in guiding and coordinating the construction of modern universities and the development of modern industrial system. He called on to gradually refine the responsibilities of the Joint Conference, to improve the operational mechanism as soon as possible, to strengthen operational management, and to ensure that various work could be smoothly carried out.

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