SDUT holds a meeting to summarize previous work and arrange future work


On the morning of January 18, SDUT held a meeting to summarize the achievements yielded in the year of 2018 and to arrange the work to be done for the upcoming winter vacation in the lecture hall in No. 3 Building. School leaders present at the meeting included Lv Chuanyi, Zhang Tiezhu, Yi Yuchen, Hu Xingyu, Liu Guohua, Zhang Xiangyun, Zha Yuxi, Yi Weiming and Zhang Jinsheng. Those who attended the meeting also included leaders with middle ranks, members of Academic Committee and directors of Professor Committee. Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, chaired the meeting.

Zhang Tiezhu, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, summarized the work done in 2018 and arranged the work to be done for the coming winter vacation.

Zhang pointed out that in 2018, under the leadership of the Party Committee of SDUT, the school focused on its development objectives and through comprehensive learning, fundamental research and deep reform, made new breakthrough in terms of personnel development, discipline construction, scientific research, personnel training, university-city integrated development, Party building and comprehensive services.

As regards the work to be done during the winter vacation, Zhang stressed that,We should work hard in the following ten aspects: summarizing the work done in 2018 and arranging the work to be done in 2019, continuing to build the teams composed of quality personnel,working for first-rate disciplines and degreeprogram,deepening scientific research and serving the society, promoting the construction of Qingdao Research Institute and the co-construction by Shandong Province and State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, preparing for the conference on promoting internationalized school-running, perfecting infrastructure construction and repair, providing students with guidance and service, preparing for the 5th session of the 3rd teachers’ Congress, and ensuring logistics support, security and stability.

Lv Chuanyi pointed out that in 2018, with the enthusiasm and hard work of all the staff, SDUT has yielded encouraging results, which has received wide media attention.

With regard to 2019 work, Lv stressed that 2019 was the year of strengthening and implementing work. “Strengthening and implementing work” means that based on implementing work in breadth and depth in 2017 and 2018 respectively, SDUT needs to make every effort to carry out new tasks, meet new demands in strength in 2019. About how to strengthen and implement work, Lv put forward three points as follows. First, we should enhance our understanding. It is necessary to work together in the same political direction under the guidance of a unified political thought through studying, thinking and discussing. Second, we should make full use of certain organizations. Focusing on the main tasks put forward by the school leadership and the main work to be done in 2019, SDUT would set up a workshop, led by school leaders, in which relevant functional departments and schools could conduct research on relevant topics and complete the tasks step by step. Third, we must take scientific, effective measures to ensure the success of related work by refining the plan, formulating the account, improving the inspection and supervision mechanism, and timely recording and supervising relevant work.

About the work to be done during the winter vacation, Lv stressed that we should make relevant work function properly, make work plans for 2019, formulate and implement study plans, have a happy time and ensure safety and stability during the Spring Festival.

Finally, Lv Chuanyi, on behalf of the Party Committee and administrative staff of SDUT, extended festive greetings to all the staff and expressed sincere thanks to them for their hard work in 2018.

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