SDUT ranks the 1st among the Chinese universities in terms of contract amount of transformation from scientific and technological achievements in 2017


Transformation from scientific and technological achievements of SDUT was included in recently-issued “China’s 2018 Annual Report on Transformation from Scientific & Technological Achievements (Institutions of higher education and scientific research institutes only)”.

In 2017, SDUT ranked the 1st among Chinese universities with RMB 520.78 million yuan in terms of the contract amount of transformation from scientific and technological achievements by means of transfer, licensing and evaluating investment. The school ranked the 14th with RMB 561.7296 million yuan in terms of the contract amount by means of transferring and developing technologies, and providing technological consultation and service. And it ranked the 23rd with RMB 25.3224 million yuan in terms of the contract amount in the form of financial rewards and shares provided by the university.

Chapter 8 in the Report, entitled “Typical Experience and Practices”, includes the good examples that SDUT has set in the fields of industrializing high-value achievements and of fitting in well with market demand. Entitled “SDUT: fitting in well with market demand and setting a new record in the amount of money of transformation from single project”, the case study presents in three parts the effective measures that SUDT has taken to speed up the transformation from the achievements in the project of fluorine-free polyurethane chemical foaming agent. The three parts include demand-oriented research and development, effective protection of patent navigation and transformation of achievements supported by relevant policies.

It is reported that the Report took samples of 2,766 public R&D institutions and institutes of higher education, and was jointly completed by China Association for the Management of Scientific and Technological Achievements, National Center for Science & Technology Evaluation and Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China.

The school has improved the management mechanism and made a breakthrough in solving key technological problems for enterprises and industries, perfected the pattern of University-City Integrated Development, and got involved in the the national and local innovation system. Over the past five years, SDUT has set up over 100 centers for scientific and technological research and development with relevant enterprises, completed over 500 projects of scientific research and technological innovation with over 300 enterprises, and signed 900 contracts with local governments and enterprises in the fields of scientific cooperation and technological services, generating RMB 8.3 billion yuan worth of economic benefits. 

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