Work Conference Held to Advance Education Internalization


On the morning March 14 th, this work conference was held on the 2nd floor of North Building of Xing Yuan Hotel. This meeting aimed to, sparing no effort, advance school’s education internalization. The participants learned to implement the important statements and decisions and arrangements on educational opening-up brought forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping and CPC Central Committee, analyzed school’s achievements and unsatisfactory aspects on international exchange and cooperation since “13th 5-Year Plan”, so as to further identify the guiding ideology, general requirements and objectives of education internalization progress for the period from now on.

Zhang Tiezhu, Deputy Party Secretary and University President of SDUT, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy Party Secretary Yi Yuchen made the work report. Deans of all schools and academies and staff in charge from relevant functional departments and schools attended the conference. Liu Guohua, member of the Party Committee and deputy university president took the chair.  

Yi Yuchen delivered a speech with the tile of “Strengthen Exchange and Cooperation, Promote Educational Opening-up and Advance Education Internalization Initiatively”. There were 4 points in his speech: First, we should fully understand the position and function of education internalization in the construction of high-level university. Second, we should view correctly the achievements and shortcomings in the educational opening-up. Third, we should fully understand the guiding principles and objectives of education internalization. Fourth, we should spare no effort to propel “Six Action Plans” for the internalization.

Zhang Tiezhu pointed out, “This is the first university-wide work conference in education internalization, which is a summing-up meeting of reviewing achievements and drawing experiences, a analyzing meeting in Seizing the situation and building consensus, as well as a deployment meeting with scientific planning and explicit objectives. This meeting would play a key role in an overall promotion in the education internalization and the construction of high-level university.”   

Besides, Mr. Zhang also expressed his views on the work to advance education internalization in the following three aspects: enhancing understandingof the concept, strenthening approach construction and investing in supporting service.

First, we should reinforce the concept of education internationalizion and take initiative in doing so. With the repiad development of globalization, higher learning institutions around the world have reached a consensus that education internationalizion would contribute to the construction of high-quality education,and enhancing and maintaining their international competitiveness, thus becomes a widely-accepted rule and effective approach to accelerate high-quality growth of universities. Only by integrating our educational philosophy, talent team construction, talent training quality, discipline construction, scientific research and other aspects into the internationalization process, can we achieve high-quality development of our university.

Second, we should concentrate on the building of the approaches to education internationalizion, thus improve its effectiveness. All schools and acedamies should fully understand the implementing scheme, then make practicable programs and detailed carrying-out plans. Office of International Cooperation and Exchange should concentrate on overall scheming, emphasizing step-by-step plans and pertinence and promoting education internationalizion with certain focuses. All relevant departments should break up conventional thinking, get rid of traditional conception, take initiative in reflection and research, and include internaliztion in every aspect of our work.

Third, we should Strengthen the supporting service.Professionalism establishment would be emphasized, so expert advisory committee would be founded to provide policy-making consultation. Hardware construction in education internationalization should be enhanced, thus special funds should be invested with all kinds of projects as the carrier. Teaching staff building should be strengthened, as we strive to build a strong-willed team with excellent professional work and excellent quality. The atmosphere for internalization should be improved, as we promote international communication with SDUT characteristics and build a good international image of our university.

Staff in charge from School of agricultural engineering and food science, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Economics and Law School gave speeches one after another, introducing methods and plans to propel education internalization from different aspects.

 Liu Guohua, host of the conference, reqired that all departments and schools should take this meeting as an opportunity, reinforce the awareness of education internationalizion and sense of responsibility, concentrate on the developing quality, and make a systemetic program including approches and timetable. In addition, efforts should be made to further implement the opinions and programs to advance education internationalizion.

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